The third season of the series The Crown presents a revelation in the English royal family: Princess Anne, the only daughter of Elizabeth II among three brothers.
Princess Anne is a worthy successor to the rebellious character of her aunt Margarita
Incarnated by actress Erin Doherty(known for Call the Midwife!), Doherty’s Anne isn’t afraid to stroll around Buckingham Palace in her 20-year-old riding boots, scold Prince Philip (Tobias Menzies) and his advisers, scare Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Colman) with details of her romances and those of Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor), and through the burden of royal reverence and self-importance with a timely smile. The real Ana is an acid and ingenious discovery, a worthy successor to her rebellious aunt Margarita.
Taking as an example an episode that occurred in March 1974 , the newlywed was traveling with her husband Mark Phillips to Buckingham, when her car was stopped by a criminal, who tried to kidnap her.. The assailant, Ian Ball, approached the car firing his gun, injuring the security officer and others in the struggle. Ball opened the car door and guided the princess to get out of the vehicle. In view of the gunshots, bloodshed, and chaos around her, Ana replied, “Not very likely.” Prince Felipe, her father, joked about how bad the assailant would have had if the attempted kidnapping of his daughter had been successful.“If only he had any idea what he was getting himself into,” according to Ana’s biographer, Brian Hoey. Having expressed his concerns for those who were injured, including Ana, he also joked about the incident. “My first reaction was anger,” she explained. “I was furious with this man who kept a tug of war with me. I grabbed my dress, a blue one – my favorite – and that I had made especially for my honeymoon.”
The daughter of Isabel II has been that type of woman who has always transmitted an overwhelming security and determination.Known as the ‘working princess’ , her agenda has been one of the most active within the British crown and she has never dropped her rings when it comes to rolling up her sleeves.
Her teased hair in a jumpsuit and her sunglasses have always been the hallmarks of her ‘look’
There was a time when Princess Anne was treated by the press as the ‘misguided sheep’, the rebel, for her love scandals and its rebellious character.Today he is one of the most respected and discreet members of the family.Then and now, her image has been imposed as that of a strong woman.
I cone of modernity in the 60s and 70s, daring to combine unpublished prints and colors and even military uniforms with determination, his inseparable hair combed and gathered in a jumpsuit and his sports sunglasses are the two hallmarks of a style of leadership and firmness that has only been understood with the years.

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