Hazelnut cream ,
‘ Nutella’, ‘Nocilla’, or as in whoever needs it, is a pleasure that few can give up. The search for an alternative that is assimilated in taste, texture and quality to this coveted cream and that, in addition, is low in calories , is a bid in which different brands, companies and food or nutrition chains have already bet. Some, like Carlos Rios, are having success. That yes, we must know that no matter how healthy a cocoa and hazelnut cream is, common sense enters the game that it is not healthy to abuse this type of product.
Starting from this base, a guilt-free pleasure from time to time, in its proper measure, never hurts. Betting on this idea and adapting to the new ‘fit’ and ‘real food’ movements, Mercadona has launched a version of this dessert that we love: Hacendado’s hazelnut and cocoa cream with dates is the new fever of the Juan Roig. But first, we must analyze and take a look at its ingredients and nutritional value to see if it fits into the diet. Is it really a healthier alternative


Despite having less sugar, it is still an ultra-processed food and its use in large quantities is not advisable.According to the labeling of this alternative to traditional hazelnut cream, it is suitable for people who are intolerant to gluten and lactose.
On the official product page we note that it is “a spreadable hazelnut and cocoa cream, with date powder and vegetable proteins.” Its ingredients include 40% hazelnuts, 20% date powder and 7.5% defatted cocoa powder . The ingredients are completed with vegetable oils and fats, vegetable proteins and others.Date powder has the function of sweetening the cream. Dates have more nutrients
than refined sugar, but
the moment we powder or paste them, we are eliminating one of the steps that help the intrinsic sugar in the product to be metabolized slower in our body: the chewing When we take the product already crushed, pureed or crushed, what happens is that it flows at a much higher speed and is absorbed faster , causing a different metabolic response and that favors the greater release of sugar. In addition, it only has 20 %.
Also striking is the presence of sunflower oil.

As we know, research finds that it is one of the least healthy oils to cook with. As for cocoa , it does not indicate the purity of its composition.


Regarding its nutritional values , we see a table that is quite frightening, since for every 100 grams of this hazelnut and cocoa cream with dates from Hacendado we are giving our body 580 kilocalories. This is why, if we want to try this novelty from Mercadona, it is best to reduce it to 10 or 15 grams 1 or 2 times a week.

Calories: 580.

Fat: 35.9 grams.

Saturated fat: 5.1 grams.

Carbohydrates:39 grams.

Sugars: 21.2 grams.

Fiber: 23.1 grams.

Proteins: 13.6 grams.

Salt: 0.13 grams.

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