The semi- permanent lip tattoo is loved by stars but more and more people ask for it, to always see themselves with a defined and pigmented mouth, always perfect even in the morning. Let’s forget the old tattoos with a dark outline, today’s techniques allow truly natural results and which, optically, also manage to give a volumizing effect.

  • What is semi-permanent lip makeup or permanent lip makeup
  • How long the lip gel lasts depends on various factors
  • Let’s talk about lip tattoo healing: this is approximately how much it takes
  • Cost and contraindications of the lip tattoo

What is semi-permanent lip makeup or permanent lip makeup Semi
-or, more simply, lip tattoo , is a type of semi- permanent makeup similar to the most famous one that is performed on the eyebrows. Using a demographer, the contours of the lips and the mucosa are colored to even out the complexion, make the edges more defined, minimize any asymmetry and give a slight volume effect. If you would like to have lips always made up, with sharp edges and above all a uniform and darker color than your natural one, especially if you have very light lips, this tattoo could be ideal for you.
There are various techniques and above all effects of semi- permanent lip makeup, gives very natural results to lips with a more intense color. Certainly years ago a type of lip tattoo with very clear and marked contours was in fashion , which was used to outline the edges but which then needed to be filled with lipstick, to avoid the strong detachment. Today this effect is practically no longer performed, we tend to opt for a soft and delicate but, above all, very nuanced lip tattoo .
The color of the pigment is chosen based on the natural starting color of the lips, their pigmentation and if there are discolorations, asymmetries or small scars to cover. Usually we tend to choose a pigment that is a couple of tones darker than the skin and fades with a lighter one in the center, to create an optical effect of greater volume and fullness of the lips, a very valid technique especially for the lip tattoo . thin .
If, on the other hand, you want an even more natural effect, you avoid defined contours with a slightly darker color and only blend with a single color. Instead, for those who prefer to see their lips always made up, almost like with a lipstick, stronger and more vivid pigments can be preferred, which give the mouth the appearance of a very light lipstick. Of course, even using red, the final result will never be that of a full lipstick and therefore you will have to apply it normally.
For those who want a further volumizing effect, in addition to the shade from darker to lighter, it is possible to overflow just a few millimeters from your lip contour, just like you would do with the pencil and the subsequent application of lipstick. But be careful not to overdo it and do not overdo it if you still want to obtain a natural and non-artificial effect. How long the lip semi-permanent lasts depends on various factors
It must be said that the permanent lip tattoo is actually not eternal. The duration is approximately 18 months and therefore every year or year and a half must be retouched. If this is the first time you have a lip tattooup to two sessions will be necessary: ​​the first will be longer and will set up all the work, giving you the idea of ​​what the final result will be. The second will refine the color and the design, correcting any remaining discolorations and the session will have a shorter time frame.
The duration of the semi- permanent lip makeupit then depends on various factors: first of all, the response of each person is different, because the skin is different. It must be said that the pigments used are obviously not the same as traditional tattoos but are absorbable and well tolerated by the body, which is why they tend to fade over time. On oily skin that produces sebum or on dry skin that tends to flake the tattoo will have a shorter duration because the color tends to be eliminated more quickly. Even those who sweat a lot or are a frequent user of saunas and Turkish baths will notice that the lip tattoo may have a shorter duration, as well as an excessive or too frequent use of scrubs and exfoliants, which contribute to a faster cell renewal.Let’s talk about lip tattoo healing: this is approximately how long it takes
Once the lip tattoo is done , you have to wait for it to heal before seeing the actual result. It is completely normal, as soon as the first session of the lip tattoo is finished , that these are swollen and red, however they are needles that penetrate the skin in a very delicate area. In the days following the treatment you will see that crusts will form, just like on a normal tattoo. Do not be afraid and do not remove them, they will fall off by themselves in about ten days.
There are no particular attentions and treatments to make the semi-peri-lip tattoo heal better, just cleanse them with delicate and possibly fragrance-free products and always keep them hydrated, also to relieve the itching and dryness caused by the cuticles, which will thus soften. However, avoid peels and scrubs for at least a few weeks, in order to be sure that the tattoo is completely healed and avoid exposure to the sun. Cost and contraindications of the lip tattoo
Speaking instead of the cost of a treatment like the lip tattoo , obviously every professional has his own tariff. Approximately, however, it ranges from € 400 up to € 800 depending on the difficulty, if it is necessary to perform the correction of a previous job by another operator as well as the experience of the professional.
On the pain factor, on the other hand, you normally feel a tingle as well as for a tattoo, but obviously it depends on your pain threshold. In these cases it is possible to apply an anesthetic ointment to be applied before the start of the semi- permanent lip tattoo , to relieve the feeling of discomfort.
There are no particular contraindications to performing a lip tattoo, but it is not recommended on a lip contour marked by the so-called barcode, because it could make it even more evident. In these cases it would be better to do a filler first and, only then, the tattoo. Be careful even if you suffer from cold sores, because if it should appear during the healing period, it would compromise the final result of the tattoo in that area, where the pigment would not have the same hold.

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