He learned the trade from his father at Vilymoda, a family fashion store in Osuna, the town where he was born, grew up and created the textile emporium that bears his name. Alvaro Moreno (1976) created the company in 2005 and today it has 43 points of sale throughout Spain, including the online store, which now accounts for almost 20% of the total turnover. It will soon begin its international expansion with an establishment in Lisbon.
-Why do you continue to live at home, in Osuna
-Here is my family, my people and they always know how to do things much better with whoever you want. We are committed to making zero kilometer fashion and it is a pride to succeed from my land.
“What does it bring to criticize Amancio Ortega for helping; he is an example as a businessman and as a person”
-Is he the magic king of the town for the work he gives
-I don’t distribute gifts, I just try to surround myself with good professionals and good people. It is a satisfaction to be able to create employment and return to Osuna part of what he has given me.
-He always remembers his father. Is it a son
‘s love
-It’s passion… It’s fundamental for me; Without him there would be no Alvaro Moreno, neither the person nor the company. He, my mother, my wife, my children and my sisters are my great pillars.
-It has 43 stores in Spain, opens in Portugal and employs almost 700 people. You want to reach 100 establishments. Why this ambitious plan
-I like doing things right. We had a dream, we have set ourselves goals and, as we achieve them, we have others. We go with a sure step but without ever stopping. It has not been flower of a day.
-As a good old-fashioned businessman, he does not finance anything and pays for everything by hand. Is it better to go with the money first

-I don’t believe in doing things the old fashioned way or the modern way, but right or wrong. I have my feet on the ground before taking the next step and an entrepreneur must be formal and reliable. I wouldn’t sleep if I owed someone money.
-What do you think of those who stir up Amancio Ortega for donating equipment against cancer
-I am respectful, but I wonder what it brings to society to criticize him for that. He is an example as a businessman who creates jobs, wealth and the brand of Spain, and as a good person who tries to help those who need it in good faith.
-You give blankets to the nuns and hire young people with Down syndrome. Solidarity marries with profitability.
-Thank God I can help, that is why we have opted for the Stores with Soul; I don’t only care about the numbers of the company, but what it contributes to society. And collaborating with the Daughters of Charity or working alongside young people like Jose Luis, Jose Ignacio or Angela is a real blessing.
-Did you never Italianize your name
Perhaps Albertino Meroni would have more commercial punch…
-Never, I don’t know if it would work better, but I’m very clear about my roots, my father told me that he saw the labels with Alvaro Moreno very clearly and there was no more to talk about.
-In what position is he on the podium of famous ursaonenses with the singer Antonio Orozco and the soccer player Francisco Lopez Alfaro
-I don’t consider myself famous, just a lover of Osuna who is lucky enough to be able to contribute to my people.
-He was a bad student and started working with his father at the age of 13. He will not push his four children not to pick up a book…
-On the contrary, it is essential to train, I wish I had been so clear then. I don’t think they want to work at that age either… Now I miss having more preparation in certain aspects, and I regret it, that’s why you have to surround yourself with good professionals.
-The buttonhole is one of the keys to your success
-One of our hallmarks is color, we are associated with red, and we use a lot of that touch of color also in the buttonholes. But it’s just a detail. Alvaro Moreno’s success is that we have a soul and it shows.
-Have you received any crazy offer

-No, but I haven’t thought about that either. This company is a dream for me and for this great family.
-Do you know how to use a Singer
-I don’t know how to sew, nor do I consider myself a designer. I am a shopkeeper, as I learned from my father. I like serving customers and I work to always give them what they are looking for: dress elegantly, with quality garments that are very wearable and at an affordable price.
-It gives the impression that the big money is in women’s clothing, but you don’t enter that way.
-For now no, but my father taught me that you should never say no. They ask us a lot… And it’s in our DNA to grow.
-Because the classic never loses validity
-Because the classic was groundbreaking in its day but now it gives us security, one knows that it is not wrong. And from the classic essence one can take risks and innovate.
-Are we southerners more presumptuous with rags than northerners
-Not more presumptuous, but more cheerful and risky, we opt for more vivid colors, although our style is liked by everyone; in fact, we already have 43 points of sale throughout Spain.
-Have they told you to design clothes that are less tight
and less. To dress Alvaro Moreno you don’t have to be a model or go to the gym.
-Which politician did you see more of Alvaro Moreno
-Many. Jose Bono is a loyal customer and I have also seen Juanma Moreno wearing our clothes.
-You have said that the bullfighter Jose Maria Manzanares is the most elegant Spaniard. Wouldn’t King Felipe and his father be piqued

-I don’t think they know that I said it, nor would they have any reason because they are very elegant too, although with different styles.
– Did Dani Mateo call you after withdrawing his signature from the El Intermedio program for blowing his nose on the Spanish flag

He didn’t call me nor did he expect it, it was nothing personal. We act as we should, out of responsibility; what he did did not identify with our values. I believe in freedom of expression, but above is respect for others.
-Despite your commitment to the classic, would you have preferred to design the fans for Locomia or the ties for Carrascal
-With quality and good taste, you can give your style to everything, although I see myself more with ties because if we work on that garment and It would be nice to design something tailored for him with such a marked and strong personality that Carrascal has. And if we get on with the fans… well, sure, too, challenges don’t scare us.

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