Often despite the use of specific softeners and detergents, when we take our laundry out of the washing machine we realize that it is not as soft and fragrant as we would like. It seems simple, but between haste and a thousand distractions, being able to choose the right wash without ruining t-shirts and trousers is a challenge. However, there is a green ally of our laundry that few people know: the aluminum ball . Aluminum balls in the washing machine: the unexpected use
Many do not know that inserting an aluminum ball in the washing machine drum can be a valid green alternative to fabric softenerthat we generally use for our laundry. The reason is simple: not only does it facilitate the mechanical movement of the washing machine, but aluminum can reduce the static electricity of clothes in motion. When we do the laundry, in fact, we must remember that it is static electricity that makes our clothes less soft.
Adding an aluminum ball to the washing machine before each wash will reduce electricity and increase the softness of our garments, without resorting to fabric softener. The same can also be added to the dryer, to have the same effect. When adding the aluminum ball to the washing machine drum, it is essential to remember not to load too much of the latter, since loading it too much penalizes optimal laundry. Aluminum ball: how to make it in a few steps
Making an aluminum ball is really simple: just get a roll of aluminum foilfrom the kitchen and take the amount of aluminum you want, crumpling it up to form a sphere the size of a tennis ball. It is important to remember to crush the tinfoil well, so as to form a regular ball and as compact as possible, to prevent it from opening and breaking during washing.
The aluminum ball is undoubtedly a green and economical choice , an excellent alternative to the chemicals we generally use to do laundry. Stain removers, softeners, detergents: not only do they pollute the environment very much , but they can also be harmful to clotheswhich risk being damaged more easily and in a shorter time. Taking advantage of aluminum can be a green and also economical alternative : it is not necessary to change the ball every day, it can be used until it begins to flake. Aluminum ball: the risks
Although the aluminum ball is as effective as a fabric softener, there are some risks associated with its use to keep in mind:

  • Consumption of aluminum. We often use it in our daily life: our kitchens are full of containers, sheets and containers. Many experts believe that this material if assimilated in large quantities is harmful to the body, especially if subjected to high temperatures;
  • The high temperatures. High temperatures are reached in the washing machine: this is why many advise against the use of aluminum, to prevent it from releasing harmful substances to clothes and our skin.
  • Possible damage to the washing machine. According to some experts, aluminum can cause damage and possible failures to the drum or other components of the washing machine.

Finally, one last tip (and not just for washing): it is important to remember that even hanging the laundry correctly can facilitate drying and ironing of the garments.

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