Many are already on vacation and others still dream of them. We both have in common the search for a destination, which this year goes through the beaches of Andalusia, either to see a sunset and reset the mind or to do the beach bar route, or the most romantic Spanish islands. We are all clear that this summer’s vacations will be national and, if possible, in some corner of the country’s coastline. In addition, taking into account that we are increasingly looking for much more fulfilling experiences when going on vacation , this summer we will give special importance to accommodation .
Going on vacation goes much further than visiting a destination. Now the objective is to look for authentic and unusual experiences, and if they allow us to blend in with the environment much better. This has caused a growing interest in alternative accommodation , a growing trend to spend summer vacations that, until recently, were not at all traditional, but now they are an essential part of the travel plan of any Spaniard , to such an extent, which for this summer already represent 30% of reservations, according to data from the online travel agency
Apartments, aparthotels, villas, rural houses, Bed & Breakfasts, guest houses and even options for an authentic cultural and natural experience such as riads and ryokans, or something more exclusive like boats, are some of the non-hotel solutions that have progressively gained ground, especially in these times of Covid, in which people are looking for greater privacy and freedom when organizing their vacations . Just last June, bookings soared 210% compared to the same month last year. This only shows that we are facing a phenomenon that is here to stay. Alternative accommodation, a growing trend to spend the summer holidays .

The most popular alternative accommodations

There is a wide variety of extraordinary accommodationthat with the passage of time have been gaining the trust of tourists due to their very particular characteristics. Some are quite new and others have been projected for a long time, but it has been now that they have had a significant rebound .

Apartments and aparthotels , an alternative that is taking hold. This vacation option, nothing unknown, is one of the ones that continues to grow the most in Spain. They are a success in almost all destinations, but where they really succeed is, without a doubt, in the coastal areas, specifically in the Balearic and Canary Islands.

The charm of the guest houses. The houses adapted to receive tourists are an attraction for many who seek to live a quiet experience, but at the same time traditional and somewhat homemade. This has made guest houses continue to gain popularity, today concentrating 15% of sales in the category of alternative accommodation. Madrid and Barcelona are the cities where tourists look for this type of house the most, especially in the historic areas.

the resorts, for those seeking more complete services. These tourist complexes and their concept of offering a wide range of leisure and recreation services in one place (and for the whole family) are the most popular in beach areas. They currently account for around 5% of reserves. Tenerife is the destination par excellence to enjoy a resort, those who prefer to travel further, look for them in the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

Hostels and Bed & Breakfasts are the traditional alternative that remains. Many of them, being located in central and traditional areas, and even in historic buildings, make it the perfect option for those looking for something cheap, but with charm. Where
In iconic cities like Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Florence, London and Marrakech.

Rural houses, campsites and villas are also consolidated. Nature tourism continues to rise. People are increasingly interested in blending in with the environment and getting away from the hustle and bustle of cities. This interest has given an important impetus to accommodation alternatives such as the rural houses, which are very successful in the mountain areas of Mallorca, Lanzarote and Tenerife, while the villas that are highly sought after in Fuerteventura and the Costa Blanca . Campsites are highly appreciated both in rural and urban destinations, thanks to the fact that special spaces have been progressively set up for camping lovers. The Costa Dorada and Venice is where they are most welcome.

Alternative accommodation for summer vacations: More original and authentic
The growing demand for increasingly immersive experiences has led to the emergence of very original and quite curious alternatives that have conquered thousands of people. The riads, those iconic traditional houses or palaces in Morocco , have crept into the preferences of the Spanish, already adding around 3% of reservations. Some are luxury hotels with an impressive decoration , with attention to detail and creating an atmosphere of elegance and exclusivity.

the ryokanIt is a type of traditional Japanese accommodation created hundreds of years ago to receive visitors for a short time, but now conquer tourists who go to Japan, specifically in cities like Koyasan, Kyoto and Takayama. Those who want to do something Japanese, as Lisa Simpson said on her trip to the Japanese country, should then live the adventure of sleeping and eating in these modest, but fascinating structures.

Accommodations on boats . Beyond the crossings that can be made in them, the adapted boats with all kinds of comforts have crept into the preferences of those eager to have a different vacation. Budapest, Prague and Stockholm, the cities that most attract this type of traveler who loves the seas.

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