• Ni


    Good evening,
    on the advice of the herbalist I took the juice for a week for digestive problems and gastritis. I must say it helped me a lot. I paired the juice with tablets. The herbalist told me to take 2 times a day before meals but reading the label I took it after meals but 2 times a day. After a week, however, I noticed that I had cramps and losses like menstruation but I was after the period of ovulation. At which I interrupted and noticed that both the cramps and the leaks disappeared. I must have had some contraindications. I hope nothing serious.

    Esi – Customer Service

    Hello Carmen, no side effects of this type have ever been reported related to taking the product. Which tablets have you taken in conjunction with the product
    In any case, we recommend that you consult your doctor to understand the cause of the cramps and leaks. A thousand thanks.

  • Information


    Hi I have some problems chronic prostatitis with urinary irritation gastrophageal reflux with yatale hernia and irritable col9n long ago I took aloe vera to drink but it bothered reflux I put it in the intitime parts aloe unica concetrata 99, 9% labcare I don’t know if there is a better product both for reflysso and as a gel for urinary


    . Thanks.

  • Full or empty stomach


    Hi, I bought this product at a herbalist’s shop (on the advice of the doctor) in order to relieve my gastritis. The latter recommended me to take a measuring spoon of aloe juice in half a glass of water, 3 times a day BEFORE meals. Reading on the package, however, it says that the juice should be taken on a full stomach, AFTER meals, therefore. I haven’t started the treatment yet as I would like to know more! Thank you in advance!

    Esi – Customer Service

    Hello, we recommend taking the product 3 times a day, on a full stomach, 1 measuring spoon of 25 ml diluted in 200 ml of water. Shake before using. Thanks.

  • Intestinal regularity


    Your product is useful for intestinal regularity and constipation

    Esi – Customer Service

    Good morning Gaetano, the product is indicated for purifying the body and eliminating toxins, favoring the purifying and hepatic activity. In case of constipation and lazy intestine you can try the products of the Le Dieci Erbe line https://www.esi.it/it/linea/integratori-naturali-per-funzioni-intestinali-le-dieci-erbe/, able to facilitate intestinal motility, correct digestion of food and expulsion of faeces.

  • Assumption

    Maria Luisa

    Hello I bought your product … it is advisable to take 25ml in 200ml of water three times a day on a full stomach … I wanted to ask if it is possible to put 75ml in two liters of water and consume it throughout the day even away from meals. Thanks

    Esi – Customer Service

    Hello Maria Luisa, we recommend following the procedure indicated: take 3 times a day, on a full stomach, 1 measuring spoon of 25 ml diluted in 200 ml of water. Thanks.

  • Aloina


    Your product contains aloin
    I don’t see it among the excluded components.

    Esi – Customer Service

    Hello Silvia, the product Aloe Vera ESI JUICE MAXIMUM STRENGTH and based on decorticated Aloe Vera leaves (gel sine skin) with the most delicate of processes, to eliminate the external part containing aloin.

  • hydroxyanthracene


    Good morning, i just read that the eu commission has banned aloe foods due to hydroxyanthracene. I have been consuming this product for a week, can you tell me something about it

    Esi – Customer Service

    Good morning, the labeling of Aloe Vera Juices has been changed. The motivation arises from the provisions of Reg 468/2021 of the European Food Safety Authority. In the points of sale, Aloe Vera Juices have been available for about a month, bearing the Instructions for use in compliance with the new Regulation.

  • It should be put in the fridge


    It is not indicated if once opened it should be put in the fridge. How to orient

    yourself Esi – Customer Service

    Good morning Evelyn, after opening, keep refrigerated and use within a month. Shake the bottle before use. Thanks.

  • Disappointed


    I ordered this product, because on your site I saw the ingredients it says only aloe vera, I thought it does not contain preservatives. Instead it contains sodium benzoate, a preservative that should be avoided in any case, destructive DNS! Especially consume together with vitamin C and a lot of carcinogen.
    I ordered 2 bottles unfortunately, you tell me why there is no written on the site that contains this crap preservative also

    Esi – Customer Service

    Good morning Anna, Sodium Benzoate and a preservative allowed in food, in accordance with current European regulations.
    Its use, specifically in the category of food supplements (such as our Aloe juices), has been regulated with the latest recent update, on EC Regulation 1129/2011, annex II to Reg 1333/2008 relating to food additives and their conditions. of use. The quantity taken with ESI Aloe Vera Juice is certainly included in the terms established by law and in any case much lower than that which can be ingested daily with drinks, preserved foods, etc. Furthermore, we have no news of verified scientific studies that have demonstrated the dangerousness of Sodium Benzoate in the dosages and quantities of intake indicated by current legislation. Thanks to this preservative, ESI Aloe Vera Juices do not need to be stored in the refrigerator before opening and have a maturity of two years from the date of manufacture. ESI Aloe Vera juice is obtained directly from the fresh plant, threaded by hand, using a cold processing system. The Aloe contained is not pasteurized. No alcohol is added. A thousand thanks.

  • ingredients


    percentages in the ingredients it is not written that it is barbadensis
    and in what percentage it would be present

    . Esi – Customer Service

    Good morning Marco, Aloe Vera and the common name for Aloe Barbadensis. The percentage of Aloe Vera contained in Aloe Vera Juice Maximum Strength is 99.8%.

  • Ingredients


    Which preservatives does it contain ?
    Thank you

    Esi – Customer Service

    Hello Claudio, these are the ingredients: Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) standardized gelum sine cute; acidifier: citric acid; preservatives: potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate. Aloe Vera gel juice sine cute: 99.8 ml per 100ml of product. Polysaccharide content: minimum 7000 mg / liter.

  • Information


    Hi, I bought your aloe vera product and maximum strength I wanted to know what kind of plant and arborescens I have barbadensis

    Esi – Customer Service

    Good morning Giovanni, it is Aloe barbadensis Miller.

  • Interruption of

    Beppe ‘s intake

    How often is it necessary to stop taking the product or, respecting the daily doses, you can continue without problems for an indefinite period of time

    Esi – Customer Service

    Good morning Beppe, we recommend a treatment of about 2 months followed by a 15-20 day off period. Thanks.

  • Antrachinones


    I bought your product but I have read some contraindications regarding the anthraquinones that aloe contains. I wanted to ask if this component is present in your juice in what percentage or if it is purified from this substance. Thanks

    Esi – Customer Service

    Good morning Dany, the Aloe Vera used for ESI Aloe Vera Juices comes from the whole leaf (without aloin) and from the pure gel contained inside. Since Aloin is eliminated, there are no traces of anthraquinones. Thanks.

  • Pregnancy


    I am taking it and I find it very effective, but I read on many sites that during pregnancy it would be better to avoid. So I ask you if you can really take it during pregnancy or not

    . Esi – Customer Service

    Hi Jessica, as for most of the supplements it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking it during pregnancy. Thanks.

  • Percentage


    What percentage of Aloe is present
    The juice is declaredly concentrated, but how much is it

    – Customer Service

    Hello Tina, the ingredient Aloe Vera gel juice sine cute is 99.8% of the product. In addition, the minimum content in polysaccharides is 7000 mg / liter.

  • Diverticulitis


    This product is recommended for people with diverticulitis

    Esi – Customer Service

    Hello, for this type of problem we recommend that you contact your doctor. Thanks!

  • S.

    19/05/2020 Hi

    I wanted to ask if diabetics can drink these juices
    . Aloe Vera contains polysaccharides.

  • Aloe juice and nickel allergy

    Aloe juice and nickel allergy

    Hello, I am allergic to food nickel and I would like to know if I can take aloe juice. Thank you very much

    Esi – Customer Service

    Good morning, our products are not nickel free, so there may be some traces. Thanks.

  • info

    15/05/2020 hi

    I would like to know if taking it, you limit the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux

    Esi – Customer Service

    Hi Gianluca, all the formulations of Aloe Vera Juice have acid pH, therefore they are not the most suitable ESI products in cases of gastroesophageal reflux. In case of reflux, the most suitable ESI product is certainly DigestivAid No Acid.

  • Preservatives


    I would like to know what kind of preservative is used

    Esi – Customer Service

    Aloe Vera Juice Max Strength contains citric acid as an acidifier and potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate as preservatives. The minimum content in polysaccharides is 70,000 mg / liter.

  • Aloe vera for gastritis

    Chronic gastritis and aloe vera

    Hi, I just ordered your product and I would like to know if it is effective as an aid for chronic erosive gastritis and what benefits it brings, and especially if I have chosen the most suitable type of aloe. Thanks

    Esi – Customer Service

    Good morning, Aloe Vera Juice Maximum Strength is a natural supplement able to stimulate the activity of the liver and the elimination of toxins for the purification of the organism. In the case of your pathology, we recommend that you contact your doctor before taking it. Thanks.

  • country of origin of aloe


    I would like to know the country of origin of aloe

    Esi – Customer Service

    Hi Linda The Aloe Vera used in ESI formulations comes from Central America.

  • Aloe juice


    Hi I wanted to know if the ESI aloe juice is bottled with anti UV treatment because I would be interested in buying it thanks

    Esi – Customer Service

    Hi Giusy the bottle is not transparent.

  • Nervous colitis and intolerance to histamine


    good morning, I wanted to know if aloe vera is recommended in the case of histamine intolerance, nervous colitis and erosive gastritis.

    Esi – Customer Service

    Ciao we recommend that you contact your doctor. Thanks 🙂

  • Aloina


    Dear Esi
    In the juice with pulp, there is the alpine

    Esi – Customer Service

    Hi Nik if you are referring to aloin it is not contained in the product.

  • Solution for gastritis


    Excellent for gastritis. Heartburn gone and digestion excellent.

    Esi – Customer Service

    Hi Alessandro thanks for your comment;)

  • In pregnancy


    In pregnancy you can take

    Esi – Customer Service

    Ciao, we recommend that you contact your doctor.

  • Aloe vera and maximum strength

    Patrizia and Elvio

    we are used to making cycles of aloe vera directly in the leaf. I must confess that it is a very good addition to an opera apple smoothie. Unfortunately, this Esi product does not satisfy our palate because you do not feel the natural taste of aloe. We hope that its effect will be the same as that of the aloe leaves that I prefer

    . Esi – Customer Service

    If you are used to blending the whole leaf and taking the smoothie, the taste is different from the taste of Aloe Vera Juice ESI. In fact, Aloe
    Vera used for ESI Aloe Vera Juices comes from the whole leaf (without aloin) and from the pure gel contained inside. Since the Aloin is eliminated, the taste is different. There are also other varieties of aloe Vera Juice ESI, flavored with pure Blueberry, or Blood Orange, or Noni juice.

  • Diabetes

    Effects on Diabetes 2

    My review I have not been using your product for a long time. I wanted to ask you about the effects on type 2 diabetes and if the value of the blood
    . In fact, Aloe Vera naturally contains polysaccharides.

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