Aloe vera
is a succulent plant with multiple properties. Its benefits concern both the internal organs , especially those of the digestive system and the hepatic system , but also the skin and hair . Its gel contains over 300 unique nutrients , making it a wealth of benefits for the whole body . But what are the properties that make it an indispensable ingredient for the aesthetics of the body, for the well -being of skin and hair and for cosmetics

5 benefits of aloe vera:

1) Moisturizes the skin

Aloe vera is a perfect remedy for those suffering from dry and dehydrated skin . In fact, thanks to its unique chemical composition , aloe vera is able to deeply hydrate the skin and can be applied both on the hands , on the face or on the skin of the body . Try sprinkling the body after showering with moisturizing creams based on aloe vera to make it hydrated , supple and luminous again . 2) Makes hair shiny
The moisturizing property of aloe vera also has beneficial effects on the hair. In fact, making compresses with aloe vera gel or using aloe vera shampoo it is possible to improve the condition of dry hair . The substances in the gel deeply nourish the hair , making it shiny and resistant

. In addition , aloe vera makes the scalp healthier and stronger , counteracting hair loss . It is advisable to apply compresses or use aloe vera-based shampoos at least once a week to make them brighter , stronger and resistant to falling out . 3) Against acne marks
The aloe vera gel can be used to combat skin blemishes , such as the marks left by acne . Thanks to its characteristics

chemical , aloe vera is able to accelerate and stimulate cell regeneration processes , stimulating skin repair and the elimination of resulting imperfections. Furthermore , aloe vera is able to counteract the production of sebum in the skin, thus eliminating the shiny aspect typical of oily skin . Try massaging your face with aloe vera creams to reduce acne marks , blackheads , pimples and skin blemishes . oily skin .

4) Against skin aging
The regenerative properties of aloe vera are fully expressed on the skin of the face : thanks to its anti-aging action and able to reduce or eliminate imperfections due to skin aging . Wrinkles are the result of marks on the skin that do not heal . As we age , the skin becomes more and more dry and dehydrated , the cells regenerate more slowly and the signs are more and more evident. Aloe vera manages to hydrate the skin of the face and stimulate cell regeneration , avoiding the onset of wrinkles and imperfections. Furthermore, the properties of aloe vera are essential to keep the skin elastic and toned . Dry skin is in fact one of the main factors that cause the appearance of wrinkles . 5) Protects the skin from bacteria and germs
Aloe vera has antibacterial properties ,

antiseptic and anti- inflammatory , making it an excellent source for strengthening the immune system against the action of pathogens and as a natural defense for the skin . If its antibacterial and antiseptic properties counteract the action of bacteria and germs on the skin , the anti- inflammatory and soothing ones help the body to respond more quickly to skin stress and irritation , facilitating the processes of repair and reconstruction of wounds , marks on the skin and imperfections .

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