Almudena Grandes had practically finished a novel, which she considered the seventh volume of the Episodes of an endless War , located in the immediate future and that she had the will to publish, explained Juan Cerezo, editor of the writer who died this Saturday in Madrid.
“Almudena Grandes was an extraordinary woman and I was lucky enough to be a friend of hers for many years. She has left when she wasn’t supposed to,” Cerezo pointed out, explaining that although she had not written the last of the six novels that made up this series of his “episodes”, in the pandemic another story crossed him that turned into what will be a seventh novel .
A novel set “in the near futurewhere certain political conditions are given, revealing an accommodating society in which a post-war resistance is created”, explains the editor, who assures that the story is full of “unforgettable characters”.
And Almudena Grandes’s will is that will publish this story so that readers will probably be able to read it next year , the editor has indicated.
Cerezo has recalled how as the writer was publishing her novels in the series of “episodes”, her readers knew the scenarios because “it was a an outstanding narrator, and with her cosmos of Madrid after the war with the Madrid of her youth, she created a literary map”.
Juan Cerezo has remembered Almudena Grandes as ” an outstanding narrator,with an unusual talent”
“Many adjectives can be chosen for a woman like Almudena Grandes, an inexhaustible display of energy and optimism, with a prodigious memory”, he added.
She was also “of enormous generosity and humanity and it showed when the readers who came to her signatures or to her talks and conferences fell in love with her. There will be a legion of embarrassed readers today “.
And she helped many young writers who participated in literary contests of which she was a judge and she was extraordinarily lucid, finding new values ​​and betting on them and giving them the boost they needed.
The Tusquets publishing house has also published a statement in which it announces “with great sadness and pain the news of the death of Almudena Grandes, in Madrid on November 27, 2021, at the age of 61. She died in the company of her loved ones loved ones after fighting tirelessly against the cancer that was diagnosed a little over a year ago”.
“The entire Tusquets Editores team mourns with a broken heart the loss of who has been the soul of the publishing house and we join in the pain of her husband, Luis Garcia Montero, of her children Mauro, Irene and Elisa, of her brothers Manuel, Gonzalo and Luli and the rest of their family and friends,” the statement said.
And remember the phrases of the author: ” There is no love without admiration.” “When we like a book, when we are passionate about a book, it always tells us about our own life”.

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