The lawyer for the widow and mother of the victims of the Almonte double crime – a father and his eight-year-old daughter – has requested a battery of new evidence, including a second autopsy of the bodies , a new analysis of the dress worn by the murdered girl and that two university professors re-analyze the murderer’s footprints left in the house .
The lawyer Jose Ignacio Bidon Vigil de Quinones, who has taken charge of the private prosecution after the final acquittal of Francisco Javier Medina, affirms that these new tests “are pertinent, necessary and useful, they were never practiced and it is necessary to investigate these facts that we consider to be irrefutable indications of who could have been the author of these murders.”
In his letter to the court of La Palma del Condado, to which this newspaper had access, the lawyer of the widow Marianela Olmedo proposes that the exhumation and second autopsy be carried out by the forensic anthropologist Francisco Etxevarria and its purpose is “to be able to find possible remains of the acquitted”.
It also proposes that the blanket with which the murderer covered the minor be analyzedand also the dress she was wearing on the day of the crime. An exhaustive examination of said blanket and clothing is “more than necessary” because that test has never been done and “in this way remains of the true author can appear.”
It also requests an extension of the podiatric study on the footprints found on the floor and that this new test be carried out by the professors of the University of Barcelona Pablo Martinez and Juan Villareal “from the perspectives of biomechanics, anthropometry and the laws of applied physics to human anatomy.”
To prepare this report, he requests that the coroner of La Palma del Condado determine the height and weight of Francisco Javier Medina.
He also asks the judge that the supermarket where the murdered man, his wife and Medina worked report on the model of the surveillance camera that recorded Medina a few hours before the crimes to know the angle and height at which said camera was located.
On the other hand, he wants the Civil Guard to check if the hours of the phone of the neighbor who was chatting with her boyfriend were correct when she heard noises in Miguel Angel Dominguez’s apartment and screams from his daughter Maria.
The objective is “to verify the exact time of arrival of the individual who went up to the building and committed the crimes.”
Also if at that time in April 2013 the time of mobile phones could be set manually to the time.

The family will reactivate the investigation into the sewer knife

In his brief, Bidon opposes Medina’s request to appear as a popular action , once definitively acquitted of the crime, and informs the court that he will shortly ask to reactivate the investigation into the knife that appeared in a sewer “and that was possibly the one with whom these events were committed.”
This finding “has not been investigated or was insufficiently investigated”and Marianela’s family is sure that “behind there is a plot that made it so that the real knife that was found was not the one that came to court.” The possible intention would be that “this circumstance did not transcend public opinion as we were then close to the date of the trial and this would have been a scandal.”
The lawyer will ask the people who intervened on the journey between the sewer and the court to testify, including former councilor Diaz Triguero, the current head of the Local Police, the neighbor who called the police and the person in charge of the Guard barracks Civil of Almonte.
Bidon maintains that his goal “is to give this family back hope and that one day they can believe in the justice that eluded them at a certain point in their lives.”

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