The Allianz Arena Stadium in the 2020 European Championships, also known as FuBball Arena Munchen, will be one of the venues that will host some matches of this sensational football event. We are talking about an imposing construction which, with the capacity of over 75,000 seats, is the second largest stadium in Germany, after the Borussia Dortmund stadium , the Signal Iduna Park.
The Allianz Arena is the home match stadium of Bayern Munich and, until 2017, also those of 1860 Munich, which in that year returned to play in the Grunwalder Stadion.
Before the construction of this facility, the two Munich teams played in the Olympiastadium,which was decommissioned because it could not be expanded in view of the 2006 World Cup. Therefore, it was decided to build a new ultra-modern stadium, inaugurated in 2005, whose peculiarity lies in the panels that make up the external cladding of the complex, which change color.
Although it is a recent construction, it has hosted several important matches, including 6 matches of the World Cup in Germany. The 2012 Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea , won by the Blues on penalties, was also played here.
In addition to the stadium, you can visit the Bayern Munich football museum, one of the most successful clubs in the history of football.

Allianz Arena Stadium Matches – European Championships 2020
The gloriousAllianz Arena stadium for the 2020 European Championships will host four matches, including three in Group F of the German national team and one in the Quarter-Finals. Let’s see the dates and times of these events that will take place in this facility.

  • FranceGermany , June 15 at 21:00 CET, valid for the group stage of Group F;
  • Portugal – Germany , June 19 at 18:00 CET, valid for the group stage of Group F;
  • Germany – Hungary , June 22 at 21:00 CET, valid for the group stage of Group F;
  • Match ofday 2 July at 21:00 CET, valid for the Quarter Finals.

Allianz Arena European 2020 Stadium Spectators
Many countries have already communicated the number of fans they are willing to welcome in their respective stadiums. Germany, on the other hand, has not yet provided UEFA with this information.
The Germans have come from a long lockdown and are therefore quite worried about a new wave of Coronavirus, so they are still cautious.
Nevertheless, the situation will certainly unlock and the spectators admitted to the Allianz Arena in Munich will be at least 25% of the maximum capacity, as UEFA wants . We are therefore talking about about 17/18000 supporters.

Allianz Arena Europei 2020 – How to get there
German efficiency is proverbial in all fields. Therefore, the urban transport sector cannot be an exception, with German cities that are crossed by a dense network of metro lines. Let’s see the two main and most used options to reach the stadium from the center of Munich.

Taxi Taxis are undoubtedly
the fastest option to get to the stadium from the center of Munich . From the center by taxi it takes about 15 minutes, against a cost of about 30 euros. Metro
The cheapest way is undoubtedly the metro, which works very well in Germany. The stadium, in fact, is served by the U6 metro line. Just get off at the Frottmaning stop

to get less than a kilometer from the plant, which therefore becomes easily reachable on foot.

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