It’s finally spring and our hair knows it. With the change of season we have begun to bet on much more natural hair trends , among which stand out a wind-dried mane or the most flattering ponytail effect recently raised in the world.
As it is spring, the idea of ​​betting on a change of look has already begun to haunt our minds. We have soaked up all the trends in haircuts for this spring 2021 and we have even decided to take risks with our makeup after mastering the makeup tricks to achieve groundbreaking outfits. But this spring it is not necessary to master haircuts to get voluminous hair or bet on a red carpet make-up, the real key to a change of look this spring-summer is to control all the trends in hair color and go for all for the one we like the most.
Pastel tones, the softest version of chocolate brown, the incorporation of a new red tone or the always natural golden hair are some of the color trends for this spring-summer 2021 . Discover what they consist of and how to bet on them to show off a super mane this spring.

Pastel tones, also in hair

color Pastel tones are a trend this spring, but not only when it comes to fashion. These super romantic and fantasy tones make the leap from the most fashionable garments to become the top coloration of the entire spring .
Among the chosen pastel tones, which are actually very subtle, mauve, pink or indigo stand out. Three shades that are imposed this spring and for which the most daring women are going to bet yes or yes. We recommend pastel tones in short hair , so that the visual effect is much more impressive.

Chocolate cake, the new color trend for brunettes

Chocolate brown is always a trend, but this spring brunettes are in luck because finally this color is presented in a new shade .
It is the chocolate cake, a very natural coloration in which the caramel-colored reflections around the face work.and in the area of ​​the ends to create a sensation of movement and bring light to hair that is too dark .

Blonde with golden nuances, a very natural color

Goodbye to light blondes to return to golden tones, much more natural. This coloration works very well for women whose hair base tends towards the darkest blonde and who want to give it an extra point of luminosity with subtle golden nuances.
A very natural effect that the hair itself experiences when summer arrives, but that we can bring forward to achieve super natural golden hair this spring.

Bronde, the most natural coloration for brunettes

. Who said that brunettes can’t go for blonde
The bronde, the most natural coloration for brunettes, has come to show that the mixture between blonde and brown results in one of the most flattering and natural colorations of spring.
When betting on this coloration, we must take into account the base of our hair . If the base is lighter, we opt for a dark blonde base, nuanced with caramel balayage, if the base is too dark, we will play with a bronze tone and, depending on the result, we will lighten it.

Strawberry blonde, the perfect mix between blonde and red

Neither blonde nor red but a complete hair fantasy. We present you the strawberry blonde, the color trends of this spring-summer thatmore will succeed in hairdressing salons and what else will we see among celebrities.
It is a coloration that mixes blonde and red or without being either of the two, obtaining as a result a flattering orange tone that looks spectacular on women with lighter skin. A hair color that swims between strawberry and peach and that is going to give a lot to talk about this spring .

The return of platinum blonde to color trends

Platinum blonde is a classic among the most daring women and this spring is experiencing a second youth. Despite being a somewhat difficult shade to achieve and also one of the ones that require the most maintenance,platinum blonde is super flattering on short hair .

Fresh, youthful and very casual , this spring-summer is the time to bet on one of the most successful colorations over the years.

Honey blonde, or honey blonde, for the most natural finish

Betting on a color change is not synonymous with radically changing the color of our hair or giving up naturalness. Those who want to change their look this spring-summer 2021, but want to show off natural hair, just have to go for a honey blonde color or what is the same, a honey blonde color .
It is an ideal coloration for women with light hair and who want to give it some texture and extra lighting. In addition to being a super natural hair color, it is one of the least maintenance and is very rejuvenating . Its effect is similar to the one that the sun causes on blonde hair when summer arrives, especially on the strands closest to the face .

Fire red, the most daring color trend

If you belong to the generation that grew up watching Rebelde and the soundtrack of their adolescence is made up of songs like Salvame or Y soy rebel, surely at some point in your life it has crossed your mind wear a red mane in the purest Roberta Pardo style .
Well, now the time has come for you to bet on it, since this spring-summer they wear their hair in an intense fiery red , although with some small nuance. On this occasion, the intense red plays with the orange nuances to create a super groundbreaking and original effect, only suitable for the most rebellious.

All the coloring techniques that you must master this spring-summer 2021

You already know what the color trends are this spring-summer 2021 , but what are the techniques that we are going to demand the most in the hairdressing salon
Regarding the way of applying the different dyes to get the desired hair color you have to take into account two really opposite extremes.
On the one hand, this spring-summertrends in coloring techniques go through chunky highlights (the super wide highlights that play on contrast), dip-dye hair (a classic two-tone coloring technique in which the hair is darker at the roots and more light on the ends) and, on the other hand, peekaboo coloring techniques (the classic balayage but in an inverted version), or very subtle and natural coloring effects to provide extra lighting to strategic and studied areas of the hair.
These lighting effects go through the illuminage techniques, the bronzing or the babylights, very subtle and natural techniques that are applied depending on the hair’s own tone .

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