Summer (despite the fact that the heat is getting worse and worse) is our favorite season because we can finally wear much more cheerful, fresh and daring outfits . Whether betting on the most fashionable dresses, opting for the quintessential summer print (vichy checks, which flood everything) or showing off your tan with some of the top red dresses of the moment.
Summer is synonymous with style and also with variety. After going through more bland seasons, summer finally presents us with much more original trends . If you have been attentive, you will have noticed that this summer 2021 there are trends that are going super strongAnd if you haven’t yet succumbed to any of them, we recommend that you take a look at the summer sales and check out some of the clothes that are most popular this summer. For giving you the whim, surely you deserve it.
For several months we have been clear that pink is the color of summer (be careful with red and acid tones, which are worthy competitors), that crochet will take over all street style garments and that gingham checks are the eternal print that returns every summer (even if we don’t go on a picnic or spend the summer in the south of France). But, what are the definitive trends of summer 2021

How can we bet on them in our daily looks to be the queens of street style
With a summer just released and two months ahead to succeed in street style, these are the summer 2021 trends summarized in 14 looks for you to record in your summer outfits . In addition to super top trends (such as the aforementioned pink color or crochet) we also present some eternal summer trends that are always a success in our looks.

Summer look 2021 with espadrilles and raffia basket

We do not understand summer without esparto espadrilles and a wicker basket. Super versatile, both accessories can be combined in more informal styles and in other more sophisticated ones to give a touch of freshness to the outfit. A success for your summer looks.

Summer look 2021 with a t-shirt with shoulder pads
They already sneaked into our wardrobes last summer and now t-shirts with shoulder pads are reaffirming themselves as a summer trend. Trend inherited from the 80s (although in a much more flattering version), men are a must in summer outfits for those looking for a more stylized figure.

Summer look 2021 with crochet vest

Summer 2021 cannot be understood without crochet, which has taken over practically all clothes and accessories. Go for the original trend (crochet in a patchwork version) and give yourself a super hippie and bohemian summer look.

Summer look 2021 with crop top

The crop top and wide leg pants are the perfect couple this summer 2021. Take advantage of the super high waist of these pants (which are very flattering) and leave your waist in the air with the crop top that enhances the most your tan.

Summer look 2021 with pleated midi skirt
The summer look of the most sophisticated women with the most flattering trend of all time. If midi skirts have shown that they are the most elegant trend in the world, betting on it for your summer looks is a 10 for style (and comfort, that these types of skirts are super comfortable).

Summer look 2021 with kimono

Kimonos have returned this summer to become the perfect substitute for blazers. With ethnic prints, super fluid and with a lot of fall and movement, kimonos are the key piece of any summer look in which we want to show ourselves a little more elegant.

Summer look 2021 with a two-piece in sailor stripes
Sailor rays are to summer what oxygen is to our lungs, completely necessary. This timeless trend returns to street style every summer to confirm that we cannot go on vacation without a good set of sailor stripes. Although this summer 2021 we can add some novelty, such as a cropped top or jogger pants.

Summer look 2021 with a dress with butterfly sleeves

It is not summer if the dresses do not become the undisputed kings of street style. As it is the quintessential summer garment, it is expected that they adapt to all trends, such as butterfly sleeves, which are the top of this summer (they are ideal to appear taller).

Summer look 2021 with red lingerie dress
Of all the trends of the 90s that have returned to our lives this year, the slip dress is the one we like the most. If Kate Moss triumphed in the golden decade of top models, why aren’t we going to do it this summer with a red lingerie dress

By the way, this dress is ideal for a summer wedding.

Summer look 2021 with a pink dress

Everything in pink. This is the summer in which the cheesiest color in history was placed in all the collections and left no garment to be had. It may not be among your favorite shades, but you should know that it is one of the best colors to show off your tan. Go for a summer look with a pink dress and give it a more groundbreaking touch with earrings and accessories.

Summer look 2021 with a vaporous dress

Vaporous and in acid colors, this is the dress that is most successful this summer and we could not be happier. With comfort as the flag, sheer dresses seem perfect for summer looks because, in addition, they are super flattering.

Summer look 2021 in yellow and with jeans

We continue with the acid tones, this time in yellow. If you have been attentive to the collections of some of the top low cost firms, you will have noticed that yellow is another of the star colors of summer 2021. Like pink, yellow is also a great ally to enhance our tan, although we will have to be careful with the mosquitoes.

Summer look 2021 in vichy checks
If you really want to be the queen of street style, gingham checks should not be missing from your summer 2021 looks. The classic version is black and white checks, but this summer they are worn in all colors.

Summer looks 2021 with a white jumpsuit

Any garment in white deserves to be in the top 3 of summer looks, although this season we opted for jumpsuits in a short version, which have also taken over our reference low cost firms and we are delighted.

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