Just as the shades of clothing change with the change of season, the colors of one’s nail polish are not the same in summer as in winter. After having seen some in pastel tones, neon or extravagant designs, the trend in manicure for this autumn-winter becomes more sober. Classic colors such as red and burgundy are back and minimalist decorations appear as opposed to the extravagant designs of this summer. As a novelty, this season we will see some in excessively dark tones .

Classic red turns dark
It is the star color when it comes to nail polishes. The king of all seasons, this fall shows its most classic version. If in previous seasons we observed very vivid red tones, now the red is shown in tones closer to burgundy or plum.

A review of the French manicure

There was a time when the French manicure was synonymous with sobriety and that is why many women did not want to wear them. They preferred bright colors that were more in keeping with their personality. But the French manicure began to sneak into the manicure trends last season and it is already a must, especially now that the trend is to return to the natural.
The good thing about this season is that the most daring can join this trend without losing its stamp of originality. The French manicure is reinvented this autumn-winter and opts for striking colors at the tip and even for the coloration of the half moon of the nail (the area that is attached to the cuticle.

Manicure in nude tones Naturalness

is a trend in the styling and makeup and now it is also in manicures. Thus, neutral nude tones will be the true bet of the season. You can wear an impeccable manicure in the most natural way if you use powdered nail polishes or those that work as a Makeup

Brown, also in nail polish

Earth tonesThey are always synonymous with autumn. If these shades are present in clothing and accessories, why shouldn’t they be in nail polishes

In the nude effect line, brown is the color that will decorate nails this season, from the darkest variants to those to a touch of gold .

Go to the dark side

Very dark colors have always been linked to the gothic world but it’s time for you to put prejudices aside and go to the dark side. Although it is very dark at all. With black as a reference, this season’s manicures opt for very dark tones .
Starting from basic shades such as blue or burgundy but they take their darkness to the extreme. The metallic finishIt will give a touch of light to this manicure.


‘s inspiration Minimalist designs win the game over the most extravagant and this season the bet is the 70’s manicure. It is about combining 70’s prints with tones typical of the decade. Geometric shapes decorate the nails this season.

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