Having a soft and smooth skin is the dream of every woman not only during the summer, but throughout the year: to achieve this goal you can try different methods of hair removal . Razor, depilatory cream, waxing, Arab waxing, laser and pulsed light: each of these techniques has advantages and at the same time critical points to know. Depending on the type of hair and the area to be treated, it is essential to intervene in the right way: here are all the tips to follow and what are the main mistakes to avoid during hair removal. Hair removal with a razor: pros and cons
Hair removal with a razor is cheap but not very long-lasting
Hair removaland an aesthetic treatment that allows the elimination of unwanted hair from the skin. There are several methods that concern you and perhaps the most common one is the razor, which can be used comfortably at home, without the advice of a beautician or qualified medical staff. This method is the fastest and cheapest and is suitable for every part of the body such as legs, armpits and groin: it can be performed in the shower or by wetting the part of the body to be depilated with water, removing the part of hair that emerges on the surface, without affecting their subcutaneous part.
At the end of the treatment it is very important to moisturize the skinwith a neutral body cream. Its main drawback is that this method is not able to permanently and permanently remove hair and regrowth occurs approximately 2-4 days after treatment. Depilation with cream: advantages and disadvantages
Another valid alternative to the razor, is the depilatory cream which is a painless and delicate do-it-yourself hair removal method that also adapts to the intimate parts such as armpits, face and groin, legs and arms, preventing the formation of ingrown hairs. After purchasing the cream, all you have to do is spread a layer of iton the part of the skin to be depilated, wait a few minutes, the application time is indicated on the product packaging, and finally remove both the depilatory cream and the hairs with warm water or with the spatula supplied.
The depilatory cream in fact weakens the hair, breaking the chemical bonds that make it stable; at the end of this treatment it is essential to moisturize the skin with a soothing cream to rebalance the skin. Despite being a convenient and economical method, even the depilatory cream guarantees a short-term result , up to 4 days, and in the case of very sensitive skin it can cause irritation ., for this reason it is advisable, during the first use, to try it first on a small area of ​​skin and wait for the reaction.
Depilation with wax : painful, but effective Waxing is one of the most common treatments and can be done both at home and in a beauty center by a beautician. More than depilation in this case, we must talk about epilation, since the hair is removed in its entirety; on the contrary, hair removal only involves the elimination of the part of the hair that protrudes from the follicle, cutting it superficially as in the case of the razor. There are different types of waxing : hot, cold, with the roller, sugar wax or Arabic. But how this method works
Waxing exploits the adhesiveness of some substances, such as hot or cold wax and sugar paste, which are pulled off together with the hair: in this way the roots of the hair are eliminated, guaranteeing a soft and smooth skin over time up to 4 weeks.
This type of treatment is more painful and irritating than those previously listed as razor and depilatory cream, but it has an important advantage: the hair density gradually decreases over time, just like the texture of the hair. The waxingit can be done directly at home with the DIY, but for truly professional results it is advisable to rely on skilled beauticians who can perform different types of waxing. Hot waxing, for example, involves heating the wax before applying it to the area to be treated; cold waxing is performed with ready-made depilatory strips; finally, the Brazilian waxing is carried out on a specific area, the female pubis, using a wax that is called sugar paste . Painless hair removal with Arab wax
Still on the subject of waxing, another option that is gaining more and more success is Arab waxing or sugar wax.which involves the elimination of hair through a preparation to be heated over medium heat based on lemon, water, honey and sugar, which are all ingredients that do not irritate the skin, but moisturize and nourish it. This solution, in addition to being cheap and painless , can be made comfortably at home and it is said that it was also used by Cleopatra , the famous queen of Egypt.
The classic recipe includes 250 g of sugar, 30 ml of water, 30 ml of lemon juice and two tablespoons of honey which are mixed in a pot and brought to a boil. The mixture should be left on the fire for about 10 minutes in order to make it take on an amber toneand then it is left to cool. At the end of this first phase you have to work the mixture with your hands, creating opaque colored balls which are then spread on the area of ​​the body that you want to shave and tear everything off with a sharp blow, in the opposite direction to that of the hair. At the end of this treatment, the skin must be rinsed, but it is not necessary to intervene with a soothing cream, as in the case of classic waxing, because the ingredients used are already very delicate. Arabian waxing can be done in any area of ​​the body and is very suitable for women who suffer from fragile capillaries. Permanent laser hair removal
Laser hair removal is another type of treatment that has been very popular in recent times given the quality of the results in the long term: its main plus, which justifies the financial investment that is certainly more important than the methods previously listed, is that of not being limited to pluck the hair, but destroy the follicle , which is its base, effectively preventing its regrowth.
The first thing to know is that laser hair removal is carried out in beauty centers and non-invasive aesthetic medicine, which is why it is essential to contact a professional.to be able. Relying on an expert, the fact that the laser is 100% safe is guaranteed because its wavelength focuses exclusively on the bulb: the light is absorbed by the melanin present in the hair and destroys the root , while the surrounding skin is not in any way damaged.
Laser hair removal is painless and definitive
Anyone wishing to obtain a lasting result with the laser must know that it is necessary to undergo a series of sessions whose number can vary according to the characteristics of each woman, but in general the results are they already notice after the first sessions. In addition to guaranteeing an impeccable result, laser hair removal can be practiced in any area of ​​the body and the pain is absolutely tolerable.
The negative aspects, on the other hand, concerning the more important economic investment compared to other treatments, the need to undergo more sessions and the fact that it cannot be done on any type of skin and hair. This method is recommended for those with fair skin, so it is essential to avoid tanning or lamps at least up to a month before the treatment, and dark hair: not all women can therefore make a satisfactory use of laser hair removal. Hair removal with pulsed light: advantages and disadvantages Hair
removal with pulsed light is an aesthetic treatment that uses intense light that is pulsed by a specific lamp, whose heat melts the hair bulb. Usually it is a method that is chosen for the most delicate parts of the body , such as face, chin, mustache and breast and it takes from 4 to 6 sessions to obtain a flawless final effect.
Among the most appreciated advantages of this procedure are the elimination of unwanted hair with an almost 80% success, the fact that it is painless and that it also acts against skin imperfections such as wrinkles, acne and stretch marks, promoting the production of collagen. Among the cons are the higher cost of the treatments and the fact that it cannot be performed on people who take photosensitizing drugs or have specific disorders such as diabetes and lupus.Hair removal: the main mistakes to avoid
After having specifically analyzed all the pros and cons of the individual hair removal treatments , it is also important to understand which are the most common mistakes to avoid them. Here is a small list of tips:

  • In the morning it is preferable to avoid shaving because the epidermis is not very elastic. It is always better to opt for hair removal in the afternoon or in the evening.
  • It is essential to always test the product you want to use. The first time it is advisable to use the product on a small area of ​​the body and check for any reactions on the epidermis.
  • Another aspect that is often underestimated for do-it-yourself hair removal and consultation of the product illustrative manual . Not following the directions and opting for improvisation often causes damage.
  • After hair removal, especially in the case of razor, cream and waxing, you must never forget to moisturize the skin with a neutral and fragrance-free product.
  • Hair removal is a treatment that must be done with care and without haste, otherwise you risk incurring cuts, irritations and abrasions that are very annoying and harmful to the skin.
  • Finally, in the case of non-invasive aesthetic medicine treatments such as lasers and pulsed light , it is essential to contact serious and competent professionals to protect your health in a conscious way.
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