The appearance of our face is conditioned by many factors. The hours of sleep, accumulated fatigue, stress, our diet and even pollution affect how others see our face and, most importantly and fundamentally, how we see it. For this reason, one of the keys to beauty (if not the main one) is to follow a good facial hygiene routine with which to combat excesses in our skin and achieve the fresh and natural appearance that we like so much. When establishing a facial hygiene routine, we have that cleaning and hydration are two fundamental steps, but what happens between one process and another and why do we not give it the importance it deserves

Most women have their ownritual when cleaning the face . Use the typical circular cotton with micellar water, that special gel for dry skin, oil, milk or cleansing lotion and, once the makeup is removed, a moisturizing cream and go to bed or watch TV while snacking. Many women think that this is enough when it comes to establishing a beauty routine, at least this is what a study by Nutritienda, an online company of health and beauty products, reveals.
According to the study, 83% of Spanish women wash their faces daily, using micellar water (61%), gels and soaps (43%) or cleansing oils and lotions (36%). Once there is no trace of makeup, 78% use a moisturizer . However, only one in three (35%) admit to using aFacial toner as a preliminary step between cleansing and hydration.
Sometimes, the use of makeup remover products such as oils, gels or micellar water can alter the PH balance of our skin. Therefore, it is essential to use a facial tonic appropriate to the type of skin as an intermediate step between cleansing and hydration. In this way, the pH of the same will be restored and the excess of bacteria and impurities that may have remained after cleaning will be eliminated. But this product is still the great forgotten of Spanish women. We spoke with Nutritienda experts to establish a guide with everything there is to know and how to get the most out of the facial tonic .

What is the facial toner and what is it for

The facial toner is a fundamental product to keep the skin in perfect condition since, in addition to balancing the pH of the skin after cleansing, it helps to close the pores, refresh, eliminate the remains of impurities that may remain on the skin, as well as preparing it for subsequent care.
“It is important to use a facial toner formulated with natural ingredients since they have active ingredients of organic origin such as flower water and do not contain alcohol in their composition, so they are not aggressive or cause irritation,” they tell us from Nutritienda.

What are the main benefits of facial tonic
Although many women do not take it into account when establishing a beauty ritual, including a toner in the daily cleansing routine will provide our skin with a series of important benefits.
“The facial tonic helps us to restore the pH of the skin after facial cleansing, in addition to eliminating excess sebum and closing the pores. As a consequence, the skin looks much healthier , rejuvenated and full of light”, they assure us . To these benefits we must add that the facial tonic also revitalizes and calms the skin “It is important to apply it after cleansing because it prepares the skin so that the subsequent treatment is better absorbed,” adds Noelia Suarez, director of communication at Nutritienda.

What type of facial toner to choose
Not only is it worth using a facial toner, but it is very important to choose the one that best suits the needs of each skin. But how do you know which one is the best
It is advisable to take a look at the list of ingredients that make up the facial toner to find out which one is ideal for our skin type and based on that, choose one or the other.
“To have radiant skin, it is essential to take care of it inside and out. In addition to a good diet, good cleaning and hydration is very important and always use the most suitable products for each skin type,” Noelia Suarez, director, assured us. of communication of Nutritienda. In that sense, it establishes four types of facial tonics .

Moisturizing: It is recommended for dry skin that needs extra hydration. The best ingredients are sweet almond extract and hyaluronic acid.

Soothing : It is recommended for sensitive skin with a tendency to redness. The best ingredients are thermal water, aloe vera and witch hazel.

Astringent : It is recommended for oily and acne-prone skin, as it helps to close pores and regulate sebum production. The best ingredients are: lemon, menthol and salicylic acid.

Revitalizing : It is recommended for mature skin, it illuminates the skin and fights the damage caused by free radicals. The best ingredients are: green tea, pomegranate and vitamin C.

How should the facial toner be applied
But it is not only important to use a facial toner, we must also take into account how we apply it. The first thing is to have done a good facial cleansing beforehand. For this we will have used micellar water, facial mist, cleansing milk, oil or any other product.
After the cleaning process, moisten a cotton pad with a few drops of tonic and gently pass it over the face and neck. It is better to accompany it with a small massage to activate circulation . After using it, you have to wait for the facial skin to dry before applying the usual moisturizer or treatment.
Noelia Suarez, director of communication at, has said: “To have radiant skin, it is essential to take care of it inside and out. In addition to a good diet, good cleaning and hydration is very important, and always use the most suitable products for each skin type. The options are almost limitless and make it easy to find the perfect product for our skin! But the most important thing is that at we encourage everyone to cleanse their skin every day with the products that we like the most or the ones that are most suitable for us, and that we hydrate our face, but let’s not forget that the facial tonic is a step fundamental between cleaning and hydration that brings many benefits to our skin.”

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