I finish the countdown to know the court notes of the different degrees that the different universities of Andalusia teach . On July 8, thousands of students who took the 2021 Baccalaureate Assessment Test for University Access (PEvAU) in mid-June, the former Selectivity, learned the minimum grade that opens the door to the career in which aspire to complete their higher education.
The degrees that have reached the highest cut-off mark in the universities of Andalusiain this new adjudication they have been in the case of Almeria, the double degree in Primary Education and Early Childhood Education, with 13,160; in Cadiz, the Medicine degree, with 13,430; and in Cordoba, the teaching of Medicine, with 13,450.
In the case of the University of Granada, the highest score was recorded by the double degree in Mathematics and Physics, with 13,775; at the University of Huelva, the highest cut-off mark was for the Nursing degree, with 12,250; and in Jaen, the double degree in Nursing and Physiotherapy, with 13,320.
At the University of Malaga, the double degree in Mathematics and Computer Engineering has obtained a 13,580; at the Pablo de Olavide University, the double degree in International Relations and Law has reached 13,631 and at the University of Seville the highest cut-off mark has been for the double degree in Mathematics and Physics, with 13,773.
Here we compile the court notes of the nine public universities of Andalusiathat offer undergraduate studies to help you choose what to study at the University of Seville, Pablo de Olavide, the University of Granada, the University of Jaen, the University of Cadiz, Cordoba, Malaga, Huelva or Almeria. You can sort the tables by university, degree or court grade, or locate the desired career through the search engine.
The cut-off marks are established by the last applicants who are admitted to each specific degree and center and depend on the number of places offered, the number of applicants who apply for them and the qualifications they certify. The notes that appear here correspond to the latest list of admitted , which was published in July 2021, according to the Single Andalusian District.

The highest cut-off grades outside Andalusia

The degree that required the highest grade in 2020 in a Spanish university was Medicine at the Autonomous University of Madrid . To opt for one of the 240 places that were offered last year, it was necessary to have more than 13,426 . The same career, in two other universities, completes the podium: the cut-off mark to study Medicine at the Complutense University of Madrid was 13.408 and at the University of Valencia it was 13.35, according to data from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, which does not take into account double degrees to make this classification.
Behind appear the degree in Basic and Experimental Biomedicine of the University of Seville, which requires 13,336 as a minimum score and the degree in Biotechnology from the Polytechnic University of Madrid , which stayed at 13,295.
The top 10 of the simple degrees with the highest cut-off marks in Spain are completed by the Medicine degree in five different universities: the University of Alcala (13,288), the University of Granada (13,27), the Miguel Hernandez University of Elche (13.27), Jaume I University of Castellon (13.26) and Rey Juan Carlos University (13.257)

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