All Saints’ Day
is approaching and thousands of families are preparing to honor their deceased loved ones, who are remembered daily but for whom a special name day is dedicated. The Christian Santoral celebrates the Holy of All Saints every November 1st and it is a tradition to visit the cemetery, pray and fix the different tombs, cleaning them, placing new images or changing the flower arrangements next to the tombstones, even following the current protocol against the Covid-19.
The chrysanthemum ball of various colors and sizes, quite affordable and brilliant, usually stand out in the centers that are prepared these days in florists, who hope to improve their sales. They have to have life adapt to what each person wants. Experts recommend that it be better with a classic flower, such as a carnation, accompanied by lilacs or greens, which make it different from a normal center. Flower centers for cemeteries usually always carry the same flowers: carnations , chrysanthemums , immortelles , alstroemerias … The difference is marked by the combination given to each center. But what flowers last longer in the cemetery

The flowers that last longer
If we stop to analyze the flowers that can remain in their maximum splendor naturally in cemeteries the longest, the list would be headed by the zinnia , the orchid , the carnation, the chrysanthemum , the gladiolus , the rose , always without thorns and by above all the crimson and the white, the daisy , the calla or the lily , whose origin comes from South American cemeteries, but is increasingly implanted in Spain, standing out for the beauty of its flowers and small leaves.
Behind each of them hides a special symbolism, a message to transmit both from the person who rests in that niche and from the family and friends who continue to take care of him. Friendship, remembrance , kindness, love, beauty, strength, affection , fidelity, joy, honesty, integrity, honor, mourning, gratitude, purity, innocence, admiration
One of the most used centers is the one made up of carnations, lilies and chrysanthemums
Leaving flowers on the graves of loved ones is a special practice. Ideally, they should be natural and fresh flowers, bought first thing in the morning on that All Saints’ Day. One of the most used centers for its great beauty and symbolism is the one made up of carnations, lilies and chrysanthemums, adorned with some camellia leaves. Perfect to illuminate the graves of those who are no longer with us.

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