A little-known name, but a very widespread imperfection: glabellar wrinkles are those signs of expression that form on the forehead starting from the root of the nose, creating deep furrows that make it difficult for those who present them. Common among both women and men, eliminating glabellar wrinkles is possible with some remedies of both physical and medical and cosmetic origin. In this article by DiLei we will go to see in detail the remedies to reduce glabellar wrinkles , facial gymnastics to prevent them, what exactly these imperfections are and why they form. All the remedies against expression lines or glabellar lines
We have roughly seen what it is, but let’s go deeper into the truth.meaning of glabellar wrinkles . These furrows that form in the area between the nose and the forehead, typical of when the face is “frowned”, are nothing more than a loss of collagen due to the progressive aging of the skin. As we age, in fact, the skin loses its tone and elasticity, and normal expressions that previously had no effect now leave marks on the face. Not surprisingly, glabellar wrinkles are among the famous ” expression lines “, and actually what they are. They are therefore formed due to skin aging, but their formation is also aggravated by poor nutrition and excessive exposure to the sun without protective creams – both in summer and in winter. Easy remedies for glabellar wrinkles
Let’s see the simplest and most immediate remedies to prevent the formation of glabellar wrinkles, those that can be taken immediately. Among these is, without a doubt, the top of the list, taking care of nutrition with foods rich in antioxidant vitamins . These vitamins are able to counteract skin aging, as well as hydration. Drinking lots of water during the day has infinite benefits, and among these is also the prevention of the formation of glabellar wrinkles. Obviously, a proper skincare routine for both morning and evening, cleansing the face with the right products, is highly recommended. A simple and ancient remedy: the patches Eliminate glabellar wrinkles with patches
Yes, as long as they are the right ones! These very special patches, which can be purchased both in perfumery, pharmacies and online, are called “frownies”. Their function is simple: these anti-wrinkle patches, also called “facial patches”, prevent the skin from wrinkling and regaining the right elasticity. There are many on the market, some of these contain almond oil, glycerin, lavender oil and other natural ingredients to counteract the formation of glabellar wrinkles. You can also find them online under the name “anti-wrinkle patches”. Facial gymnastics
As in any area of ​​life, exercise and gymnasticsconstant always helps. Even in the case of glabellar wrinkles, facial gymnastics helps to keep the muscles of the face trained in order to reduce the formation of these wrinkles. They are exercises of light finger pressure (and therefore of small circular massages) that of real expression. In particular, it is advisable to frown for a few seconds and then release the expression by relaxing the eyebrows and opening the eyes very well. Repeat this exercise at least once a day. Cosmetics and creams
You can counteract the formation of glabellar wrinklesor attenuate those already present with moisturizers rich in ceramides and vitamins. The presence of glycolic acid for the stimulation of collagen production will certainly help to make your skin more elastic and reactive. These creams can be purchased both in perfumery and in pharmacies or on the advice of your dermatologist . If all this is not enough, you can also think about making an appointment with your trusted beautician to start some hyaluronic acid filler session, capable of eliminating glabellar wrinkles by filling them with small, absolutely painless subcutaneous injections. The hyaluronic acid treatment must be repeated for a few months so that tangible results can be seen, but it can also be continued for a few years.Definitive remedies
If glabellar wrinkles really make you suffer, know that you can resort to laser treatments which, thanks to peeling, permanently eliminate wrinkles. Alternatively, you can opt for botox injections or undergo a real facelift. Obviously, although definitive, these treatments are not without criticisms and can leave some scars on the face.

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