Premium Play is the service that allows you to view Mediaset Premium content on demand and in streaming, even on PCs, smartphones and tablets. In fact, like all operators in the sector, Mediaset is well aware that the modern public is unwilling to simply follow a predefined schedule, and prefers to look at what interests them at the moment of the day when it is most convenient for them.
This is why for some years now it has been providing its subscribers and holders of Premium prepaid cards with the Play service , which currently consists of Premium Play on demand and Premium Play Mobility . So let’s see together in detailwhat is Premium Play , how to register and what are the advantages of this service. How to register for Premium Play
To register for the Play service , you must first have a subscription or a Mediaset Premium rechargeable card . By accessing the customer area of ​​, you will then have to click on the section relating to Premium Play and choose Activation: it is good to have your Premium card number with you, because at this point you will need to enter it.
It is possible to activate Premium Play on multiple devices, up to a maximum of 5 devices, of which only one can be a television. At any time it is possible to remove or add a device in the list of those enabled: the only limit is that relating to annual changes, which cannot be more than 10.
We remind you that Premium Play is not available as a stand-alone service: at the moment in which you decide to cancel your Premium subscription, you will no longer be able to use any content on demand or in streaming. What is Premium Play on demand
Anyone who has a rechargeable card or a Premium subscription can take advantage of the Premium Play on demand service for free , which allows viewing of most of the Premium contents– movies, TV series, sports, documentaries – at any time, as long as they are included in the packages available to you.
After registering on the site, you will have to download the Play app on the chosen device and log in.
The devices enabled for the Premium Play on demand service are:

  1. smart TV
  2. Blu-Ray players
  3. digital terrestrial decoders
  4. Chromecast devices
  5. Xbox
  6. Smart Cam , the Wi-Fi device , manageable, through the app that Mediaset Premium provides its subscribers to watch Premium Play on demand on any TV.

In case of problems or slowdowns, it is good to check the speed of your connection to make sure that they are not caused by malfunctions of your ADSL line or fiber connection. What is Premium Play Mobility
Unlike Premium Play on demand , Premium Play Mobility is not automatically included with Mediaset Premium , but can be activated separately by paying a monthly fee. As the name suggests, it allows you to watch all Premium contents on demand even on PCs, tablets and smartphones, even offline thanks to the Download & Play function. But not only: by activating it, you will be able to watch 20 Premium Play channels in live streaming, with all the main contents of Cinema, TV series and Sport of Mediaset pay TV . The devices on which Premium Play can be used are all Android tablets and smartphones, Apple iPads and iPhones, and computers with Windows 10 operating system.

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