In the AliExpress offers throughout this Shopping day, you will find the best offers in the world , you can buy among millions of items at really attractive and reduced prices. A whole world of surprises, fun, fashion, accessories, DIY, mobile games, famous brands, security products, an interesting Energy Laboratory, innovative technology and much more, which you can follow from here live .
It is the best promo of the year, with hope and surprises for everyone. Although you will find really discounted products on 11.11, with the new AliExpress Passport you will get extra discount coupons .
Surely you already know that you have a huge variety of products available on AliExpress. But you should know that it is a Marketplace where you can enjoy the best brands on the market , very interesting releases, fashionable and popular products, all at super discounted prices during 11.11.

The best offers of 11.11 on AliExpress, live

20:15 Goodland outdoor LED

light The light in the outdoor spaces of your home is very important to move safely in it. Goodland offers you this outdoor LED light with a practical motion sensor spotlight. This way you will illuminate these spaces to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year and for less than 6 euros.

20:05 Delviz Dual USB Wall Outlet

Few things are more appreciated than having a USB outlet close at hand, and this Delviz Dual USB Wall Outlet is all you need for a home well connected. It has many utilities and is the gadget that everyone wants. It can be yours at an unbeatable price.

19:55 Faceless Christmas doll for the home

If the Christmas spirit has invaded you, and you want the same to happen with your environments, nothing better than one of these faceless dolls, absolutely adorable and a symbol of the festivities. It is used to decorate in a more than special parties for everyone.

19:45 Felt Christmas tree for children
Children love the holidays, and nothing better than this felt Christmas tree for the little ones, introducing them to the art of crafts and decoration to receive Santa Claus. The expected gift before Christmas to decorate the house.

19:25 Game Who’s Who
, by Hasbro

One of Hasbro’s most popular board games is “Who’s Who
“, this time in an updated version, in which you must ask to discover your opponent’s character …before he discovers yours! Are you ready to beat
it Get it for only 17 euros.

19:15 Homcom Weight Bench
If you are one of those who prefer to exercise at home and not in the gym, this complete Homcom weight bench allows seven different positions for simple and effective bodybuilding, including the dumbbells, ropes and spring handles you need.

19:05 Hawkers unisex sunglasses

Redefining the classic style of square sunglasses, this Hawkers unisex model stands out for its total black frame, with a careful oversize and rounded bezels to soften its lines. It comes from one of the most modern and leading brands on the market and with a 71% discount, take advantage of it!

19:00 Vans Women’s Shoes
Vans women’s shoes have incredible versatility, and they look good both in formal outings and in plans that take you by surprise. With a tempting design to wear them whenever you want, you will love wearing them on various occasions!

18:45 Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S

A scooter manufactured by Xiaomi that is not coincidentally one of the best sellers in the world, due to its autonomy of 30 km, its aluminum body and its speed of up to 25 km/h. You must have it yes or yes in these Christmas parties.

18:35 Adidas Stan Smith Men’s Trainers The Adidas Stan Smith men

‘s trainers are a basic that no one should miss after four decades in which they have dressed millions of people, each with their own style.
Its recycled rubber sole gives it a retro touch that will never go unnoticed and with a 37% discount.

18:20 Calvin Klein CK One unisex perfume 200ml

If you intend to take an international category unisex perfume, this Calvin Klein CK One will meet your expectations, with its balance between freshness, dynamism and personality, which makes it an excellent choice for any season of the year and client.

18:10 Carolina Herrera Good Girl 80ml Carolina Herrera
‘s Good Girl
is a tradition of New Yorkers and of any woman who wants to become the center of the scene at each of her social events.
Nothing better to represent the duality between goodness and evil that coexists in each one, warning others about our sensuality, but also about our power.

18:05 Paco Rabanne One Million perfume for men 100ml

The One Million is one of Paco Rabanne’s classics and perfumes for men in general.
This masculine perfume presents notes of fresh lavender and citrus, providing an aroma that lasts on the skin throughout the night, with notes of lily and sandalwood that will intoxicate your conquests.

17:54 Intelligent bicycle

training roller Bicycle training rollers are essential in the routine of those who train at home.
The Thinkrider X7 Pro 4 has a power meter that achieves intelligent cycling training, making the most of the days when you can’t go out. Take advantage and buy it now with a discount of almost 60%.

17:43 Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3

The Mi Electric Scooter 3 is one of the most successful products of the renowned firm Xiaomi.
It offers 30 km of autonomy at a maximum of 25 km/h, with quick response brakes and a series of integrated safety lights on both sides, for your safety.

17:30 Kapvoe unisex polarized sports sunglasses
Polarized sports sunglasses are a must for people who practice cycling, mountain biking or MTB, among others. And these in particular are unisex, so you can share them with your partner if they train separately.

17:23 Janobike electric scooter

Get around the city like you never imagined with Janobike’s electric scooter!
It can support the weight of an adult, and its autonomy is more than enough for urban walks. It is the gift of the moment and Christmas and can be yours for less than half of its original price.

17:13 LIGE Stainless Steel Sports Watch
This stainless steel sports watch from LIGE is ideal for men who follow the latest trends in the market, with a quartz chronograph and waterproof construction.
It is also suitable for cold showers and for practicing water sports such as swimming.

17:02 Tigernu anti-theft backpack

Are you afraid that someone might steal any of the precious objects you carry in your backpack
Never again with this Tigernu anti-theft backpack, with a casual and fashionable aesthetic.
High quality and waterproof, it not only incorporates double-layer anti-theft zippers inside, but also a free padlock as a gift, so you can leave home even more confident.

16:55 LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s X-wing Fighter
If you are a lover of figures, you cannot miss this spectacular LEGO and Star Wars™ set of Luke Skywalker’s X-wing Fighter, a version to entertain you by assembling and displaying on your shelf. Now it will be lower.

16:48 Drone Eachine E58

It represents a very good alternative to DJI drones that you can control from your smartphone, it is capable of capturing extraordinary videos , thanks to its three cameras with wide angle and HD resolution. It returns automatically with just one key, and its arms are foldable to facilitate its transfer. Get it with a 72% discount.

16:41 Office chair

Telework in the most comfortable way with this fully ergonomic office chair. It is adapted to your bodyso that you can work optimally without having discomfort that can cause your back and neck to suffer over time. It has a mesh backing and is in black.

16: 37 Xiaomi Bathroom Scale

Elegant and practical, it is the bathroom scale you need in your home. This smart scale tells you your BMI, fat index, bone mass, basal metabolism, visceral fat and much more. You can now buy it for its good value for money among others on the market. Get a 49% discount if you buy it now thanks to AliExpress’s 11 of 11.

16: 33 HELP FLASH emergency light

You must obtain, before the deadline, the v16 beacon emergency light for your car. It will be something mandatory for 2022, being an emergency signaling withflashlight that in this case is approved by the DGT. It could be yours for just over 16 euros.

16:28 Monix Pan Set

Within the home category, Aliexpress offers a variety of products. This is the case of this set of Monix pans. They are non-stick forged aluminium, and are suitable for both induction and gas cookers or for the ceramic hob. They offer high durability and a beautiful design. For 20 euros you will have some pans of the highest quality.

16: 22 Set of four chairs for home

It consists of four Tower chairs in various colours. We chose them because they are made with a high resistance polypropylene seat and solid wooden legs. They look especially good in both dining rooms and kitchens.They are of an iconic and Nordic design.

16:14 ExtraStar LED bulbs

Light up your house with the best LED bulbs of various colors. They are really the ones that save the most and will help you on your bill at the end of the month. They come with SmartLife APP Remote Control LED Bulb WIFI, voice control, schedule setting and smart timer, among others.

16:11 GoMaihe kitchen containers Get

these 8/10 pieces food containers. They are ideal for the kitchen, being a gadget in the form of a set of plastic containers so you can store everything you want in an orderly manner. You can store what you want always in sight for less than 20 euros.

16:09 XINZUO knife set
Now you can cut all kinds of food with this set of high quality kitchen knives. They are good for various uses: cutting, peeling etc. with products made of stainless steel.This gives it greater durability and great resistance.

16.03 FEIJIAN food thermos

Now you can take your food from one place to another with this totally practical product. We are talking about the Portable Food Thermos that has various uses. It is used to carry food or snacks in isolation. It is made from BPA-free stainless steel.

15:57 Cutlery Set
Renew the old cutlery with this stainless steel cutlery set. It has a total of 24 units, being a black and gold kitchen tableware. So you have a variety of pieces for various uses, both knives, forks, coffee spoon and others.

15:52 Knife whetstone

When your knives are a bit worn, they can be passed through this knife whetstone. It is professional and will give various uses to our kitchen. It also has the characteristic of being a submersible sharpener in water . Bring more diversity to your home at half the price.

15:44 Vegetable cutter
Now you will have no problem cutting your food. This is thanks to the Myvit vegetable cutter. It is multifunctional and has various accessories such as a fruit peeler, grater… a 9-in-1 multifunctional vegetable chopper . It is easy to clean and store.

15:40 MYVIT Digital food scale

Make all kinds of recipes with this digital food scale that will help you measure the exact amounts of food you need at all times. It is made of stainless steel and has an LCD screen, it is electronic and totally practical for your kitchen.

15:31 Apple Aipods V2

Wireless headphones Apple Airpods V2 2019, with charging case, Bluetooth connection and Sir activationand by voice. It offers a great autonomy of more than 24 hours, with up to five hours of music and three hours of conversation per charge.
AliExpress brings you these Aipods with a discount that you have to take advantage of: 30% cheaper, only for 104 euros!

15:22 CASABLANCA Plastic Hangers

During these promotions you have products tailored to your needs. In the home section, you have these really non-slip plastic hangers that serve you for various uses. So you can have organized and hung, both dresses, shirts, pants, accessories and more so that they do not wrinkle.

15:01 S-EMIGA elastic sofa cover

Within the home category, we find the elastic sofa cover with checkered fabrics and plain colours. Is the bestprotection for the seat and is in different colors so you can combine it with the furniture in your home.

14:53 LED Light Strips

Provide more light in your home with LED light strips that save energy. It comes with high technology with WIFI and Bluetooth controller. It is a special night lamp that will give us a good background decoration. You can put it in a variety of products throughout the house and it is in the discounts of the Aliexpress 11 of 11 promo.

14:49 PIKOLIN HOME mattress protection
Discover the Ecolofil silicone hollow fiber quilted mattress protector from Pikolin Home. A renowned and reference brand that will provide the quality you need in this type of product. It has a waterproof and breathable Smartseal membrane. And it provides extra softness in the moments you need.

14:42 Modular

shelves Get this pack of two galvanized modular shelves. They serve to leave everything you want to have it organized in the kitchen, in the office, office or in the rooms. It comes with five adjustable shelves and up to three mounting possibilities. Its robust structure is made of highly resistant galvanized steel.

14:38 KARCHER pressure washer
If you need something at home, it is the Karcher High Pressure Washer + Home Kit (Large Surface Cleaner + Detergent). The leading brand in these products that makes your life easier for both exterior and interior house cleaning. With various functionalities, it provides the technology of the moment.

14:36 ​​GOTOBE solar lights

Innovation in technology comes from the hand of solar lights for your home. They come with 3 Outdoor Remote Control Heads.It also allows motion sensor with 122 super bright LED lights, being waterproof wall lamps.

14:24 ExtraStar LED bulbs
Light up your house with the best LED bulbs of various colors. They are really the ones that save the most and will help you on your bill at the end of the month. They come with SmartLife APP Remote Control LED Bulb WIFI, voice control, schedule setting and smart timer, among others.

13:57 Proscenic P11

High power Proscenic cordless stick vacuum cleaner with mop and various cleaning modes. It includes carpet pressurization, a four-stage filter that captures 99.99% of expelled particles, and a state-of-the-art LED touch screen. Your discount is nothing more and nothing less than 39%, buy it now for only 135 euros.

13:40 Maybeline
Maybeline Makeup Pack Advent Calendar 2021, with 24 selected products just arrived from New York. Includes eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil, bronzing powder, concealer, blush, lipstick, nail polish, beauty treatments and nutrition. It could be yours with a 41% discount if you buy it now.

13:20 Mi Electric Scooter 1S & Essential

Xiaomi electric scooter with an elegant design and fast folding, made of low-density and high-resistance aluminum, weighing only 12 kilos. It includes three speed modes , a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), and an anti-lock braking system. It travels up to 30km on a full charge. It can be yours for just 246.72 euros.

13:00 Roborock Dyad

Roborock Dyad is a vacuum cleaner that for only 292.30 euros is smart, wireless and cleans both dry and wet floors.Picks up pet hair, is self-cleaning, and has multiple speed levels. Easy to use, it is configured on an LED screen and activates alerts. Take advantage of the 35% discount!

12:40 Samsung A03s Samsung Galaxy A03s Smartphone, 6.5″ Infinity-VHD+ technology

screen , with 3 high-resolution cameras plus a selfie camera. Contains 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory and includes fingerprint unlock and One UI. Its final price will be 104.76 euros, 34% cheaper than its original price. 12:20 Redmi Note 9 PRO

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro smartphone, with a 6.67” screen and 4 high-end cameras. It includes Snapdragon 270G, with 8 cores, a capacity of RAM 6GB + ROM 64GB/128GB and a fast-charging battery. It has certified low blue light mode. Get now your 32% discount.

12:00 Mi Desktop Monitor 27”

27-inch Xiaomi computer monitor with FullHD resolution with a 35% discount and takes advantage of the refresh rate of up to 75 Hz, a viewing angle of 178º, light and with a thin frame and low blue light mode certification .

11:40 Mi Watch Lite

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite smart watch, waterproof, with touch screen and integrated GPS, various sports modes and sensorsthat measure heart rate, sleep, weather, breathing exercises, etc. Battery autonomy: 9 hours. It could be yours for just 34.99 euros.

11:20 Google Nest Mini

This is the second generation Google Nest Mini + Chromecast 3 Pack, with Smart speaker and voice assistant , with built-in Bluetooth® 5.0 Chromecast, 360-degree surround sound and 3 long-range microphones. It includes sensors and Voice Match technology for voice recognition. If you buy it now you will have a 56% discount thanks to AliExpress.

11:00 My LED TV P1 55”
Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55-inch smart television, with unlimited 4K UHD screen. Compatible with Bluetooth 5.0, Android TV, Wi-Fi and Google Play. Personalization of image and sound modes, with speakers, and decoders, hands-free Google Assistant and Smart Home Control Center. Get one of the best televisions for only 386 euros.

10:40 OnePlus Nord 2 OnePlus Nord 2

5G smartphone with a 6.43″ AMOLED screen. It has a 50 MP AI triple camera system with a Sony IMX766 sensor and optical image stabilization (OIS), as well as various functions of photos, such as Nightscape Ultra or Night Portraits. Take advantage and get a latest generation mobile with a discount of more than 50%.

10:20 Realme GT Master Edition
This is the world premiere of the realme GT Master Edition, a mobile phone with a Super AMOLED FHD screen and a powerful Snapdragon 778G 5G Core 8. It has a Sony 32MP triple camera, Bluetooth 5.2, GPS and NFC. Take it with more than 50% discount and pay for only 254 euros.

10:00 Kitchen robot CREATE CHEFBOT TOUCH

Intelligent Kitchen Robot with Steamer Basket + 2 Portable Cups for shakes. With touch screen and WiFi to connect the application and the scale. It includes 28 automatic programs to do all kitchen tasks, such as a cooking pot, steamer, mixer, rice cooker, kneader, grinder, yogurt maker, etc. Take advantage of this 69% discount!

9:40 TV SAMSUNG 43″
TV Samsung Smart TV 43, 50, 55 and 65 inches. Ultra HD, LED with powerful image quality, with Dolby Digital Plus, Crystal 4K and HDR, for greater sharpness and optimized color expressions.Includes Game Enhancer. It will only cost you 310.68 euros, a 35% discount cheaper than the original price.

9:20 Roborock S7

Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Automatic Dust Sweeping and Sonic Irrigation Roborock S7. WiFi App Control, Ultrasonic Carpet Detection, Multi-Level Mapping, Smart Mopping, Child Lock and Custom Cleaning. Get it at almost 50% discount and buy it for only 348.83 euros.

9:00 HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Pro
Watch GT 2 Pro waterproof smartwatch. It has an AMOLED HD screen, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS and multiple sensors: heart rate, accelerometer, capacitive, gyroscope, geomagnetic, ambient light and air pressure. The charge is wireless and its battery lasts up to 14 days. It costs only 151 euros thanks to its 43% discount.

9:00 OnePlus 8T OnePlus 8T

mobile phone with 6.55” AMOLED screen and two high-end cameras . A 16MP front camera, and a 48MP rear camera. Snapdragon 865 5G, Oxygen OS operating system, based on Android 11, with a capacity of 12GB RAM and 256GB ROM. Enjoy your 47% discount and buy it now for only 379 euros.

9:00 Apple Airpods PRO
Apple Airpods PRO wireless Bluetooth headphones, waterproof. With active noise cancellation technology, ambient sound mode, adaptive equalization and high dynamic range amplifier. It has 3 adjustable pads.It charges quickly in the case. Its current price is 171 euros, however, if you do not take advantage of the AliExpress offer you will have it for 236 euros.

List with AliExpress coupons

Do you know the AliExpress coupon system
With them you will enjoy additional discounts. You will find coupons valid for the entire product platform, and other coupons that are used for specific products or sellers. Don’t let them pass! Remember that these coupons are limited and the stock of products linked to them is also limited, so it will be necessary to act quickly to take advantage of these extra discounts and pay even less for your purchases. It is the ideal event to anticipate Christmas and New Year’s shopping!
So that the prices of your favorite products are even lower, here we leave you a list with the discount coupons that you can apply in your AliExpress 11.11 purchases:
ESD114 (€4 discount from €30)
ESD119 (€9 from discount from €60)
ESD1115 (€15 discount from €100)
ESD1118 (€18 discount from €120)
ESD1129 (€15 discount from €190)
ESD1143 (€43 discount from €290)
D11ES16 ( €16 discount from €80)
D11ES50 (€50 discount from €250)
965DOUBLE11(€9 discount from €65)
12100DOUBLE (€12 discount from €100)
18150DOUBLE (€18 discount from €150)
23190DOUBLE (€23 discount from €190)
Also, if you are a new user you can benefit from these promotional codes :
NUEVOD11 (€5 discount from €11)
ESNEW5 (€5 from discount from €10)
ESNEW7 (€7 discount from €15)
ESNEW8 (€8 discount from €20)

Additional prizes

Surely you have friends interested in the biggest event of the year for AliExpress. In addition to enjoying discounts on everything you can imagine, in this edition of 11.11, with the MegaRuleton you have thousands of prizes available, such as technological and electronic products from the best-known brands, trips, and you can even win a car.
Live it big and take advantage of these advantages to the fullest! On the other hand, in the AliExpress App you will find different alternatives to get extra plays. This is a day not to forget, do not miss it, it lasts 48 hours, and you will find great discounts of up to 80%!

Do you have any doubtSo that you do not miss any details of this event, AliExpress helps you with a Promotion Guide for buyers. In it you will find valuable information about shipments, different types of discounts, coupon system, special offers, selection of the best ‘top’ products, and everything you need to know about this promotion.
If you like to enjoy great deals on your favorite products, take advantage of the time, attractive prices and very interesting discounts. Do not hesitate, if you imagine it, it is on AliExpress.

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