No member of European royalty can participate in social networks, not even the youngest.However, few teenagers, however royal they may be, resist the temptation to open a secret account on platforms like Instagram to keep track of their friends’ posts. This is the case of Princess Alexia of the Netherlands . The middle of the three daughters of the kings Willem-Alexander and Maxima is a 15-year-old teenager and, like many girls her age, she has also been attracted this year by the furore that TikTok , an application for sharing videos, is causing. short and musical According to the Dutch press, Alexia recorded a video on this network with two friends. Specifically, a playback of the songIn the party, by rapper Flo Milli .
In the video, shared on the account of one of Alexia’s friends, the three young women are silent during the part of the song in which the words ‘nigga’ are mentioned, a derogatory term to refer to black people, and ‘fuck ‘, in Spanish ‘fuck’, but this outburst of good sense has not saved the princess from controversy, nor from the scolding that (surely) has fallen on her from her parents.
After going viral, the video soon disappeared from TikTok,presumably because of pressure from the dutch government press service. And it is that, despite the closeness and naturalness that they usually show off in their public appearances, the kings of the Netherlands do not like their private life to be exposed and that is why they have prohibited their daughters from sharing any image of their life on the nets

It is not the first time that Alexia of Orange has disobeyed her parents. In 2018, it was discovered that the princess had an anonymous Instagram account in which she invited her followers to comment on her clothes. Although Alexia stopped using that account, it was also learned that she used another to uncover those false profiles that were posing as her.“Let’s see, upload a selfie,” Princess Alexia challenged one of them to prove that her identity was false. Also last year, when the whole family visited the April Fair in Seville, Queen Maxima censored a video in her country in which she was seen dancing in a booth.

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