In November 2014, Amazon announced Alexa as a simple virtual assistant to be used for the first time in AmazonEcho smart speakers . Today, it has become much more than that and, to celebrate its birthday, Amazon has launched great discounts on some of its devices.
For those who still do not know anything about this instrument with a feminine name, Alexa, is an application that allows you to enable skills , create routines, send messages or make video calls, among other services. This app can be used by users who do not have any Echo devicesand is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. You can use it for a variety of uses, from pairing multiple Bluetooth devices to managing calendars and giving Amazon feedback on the quality of their responses.
After 7 years of its creation, Alexa has modernized its different uses and in many houses it is one of the family. Their devices are designed to make our day more enjoyable and fulfill tasks that we can save. Taking advantage of the fact that they are celebrating, we have chosen several products that can help you avoid having to fight on Black Friday .

echo dot (3rd generation)
It is the most popular speaker in the Echo family. It has a finished design in fabric that fits all types of spaces. The latest generation has improved sound quality and intensity and is compatible with other Echo devices, so you can listen to music throughout the house. Simply with your voice you can request any song or set timers to make your tasks easier. You can also find out about the news, the weather forecast or the traffic in your city.
Thanks to the skillsthat Alexa has, you can learn and add new functions and ways of performing tasks such as helping you in the kitchen or calling any contact in your address book, among others. It is designed to protect your privacy because it is built with several layers of privacy controls , as well as a button that electronically disconnects the microphones. It is the best selling device so far and has a 50% discount.
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Fire TV Stick Lite

This product includes everything essential for you to set it up and start watching content without any complications. It has twice the power of the previous model, and offers us a higher execution speed and streaming with Full HD quality. It can also be controlled using your voice and request any series, movie or other type of entertainment.
Thanks to its discreet size it connects to an HDMI port and is hidden behind the television. You can use it on any device even if it is not yours and thus be able to enjoy your favorite content anywhere. With a 37% discount, it is among the most outstanding items on Amazon.
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Echo show 8

The Echo Show 8 connects to Alexa to offer you something different from other devices; an HDscreen 8-inch screen and stereo sound that will help you organize your day at a glance. Its design is more cumbersome than others but it can offer you services that others cannot, such as reading the lyrics of a song or watching the videos recorded by security cameras.
You can control your home devices digitally , controlling with your voice or with the screen. It is designed to protect your privacy by pressing only one button and deactivating all its utilities. You can buy it on Amazon 45 euros cheaper than the original price.
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Echo Studio It is thehighestquality

speaker that they have in the Echo family. It generates a high-quality soundscape that, thanks to its 5 built-in speakers, reaches your ears from different directions. Automatically analyzes the acoustic characteristics of the room and adjusts playback to deliver optimal sound .
Although it seems that this device is focused on listening to music, you can also set timers and check the news or weather. In terms of privacy , like the rest of the products, by means of a button the microphones are disconnected electronically and you also have control over your voice recordings.
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