The well-known chef Alberto Chicote has become the new victim of the scams that circulate on the internet and that use familiar faces to encourage users to invest money, in this case in Bitcoin Storm.
Through a false page that simulates the aesthetics of the website of the newspaper El Mundo, some alleged statements by the chef are included in the Antena 3 program El Hormiguero in which he recommended investing in this product, assuring that he had never managed to earn so much money from such a quick and easy way. It is true that Alberto Chicote has visited the popular program on several occasions, but the reality is thatHe has never talked about this supposed financial product.
The presenter himself has warned his followers through Instagram that this publication ensures that everything it contains is false : “After seeing that this false news is running like gunpowder, I feel compelled to explain that I have nothing to do with this course bargain”.

“Chicote’s latest investment astonishes experts and terrifies the big banks” , reads the headline of this hoax that the host of Nightmare in the Kitchen attributes phrases such as “he can make anyone a millionaire in three or four months”. Chicote has responded visibly angry

on social networks :“The use of my image is not authorized and nothing that counts, I have not said, nor has it ever happened. I didn’t even talk to Pablo Motos about this topic or anything that seemed like it to him.”
He has also announced that the facts are reported to the Police and asks that it be withdrawn from circulation so that no one can feel cheated: “God knows what they can do with an unsuspecting person who may fall into their hands.”

He is not the first: from Jordi Cruz to Messi

However, Chicote is not the first public figure whose public image has been used without consent to cheat with the purchase of different financial products . Argentine soccer player Leo MessiHe was one more victim of these hoaxes. He himself denied it via Instagram. “Luckily no one believes them,” he said.
“TNT Sports”: Because of the story that Lionel Messi published on his Instagram account
– Why is it a trend
(@porquetendencia) April 9, 2020
During the month of May, this same page of hoaxes was published the same news but in reference to the well-known chef Jordi Cruz.In it, it was reported that this public figure declared on the program El Hormiguero that he was earning large amounts of money for a ‘bargain’.

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