Perfect life is a story in a female voice about personal issues in today’s reality. Leticia Dolera is creator and protagonist as Maria.At his side, his friends Cris, by Celia Freijeiro and Esther, by Aixa Villagran (Seville, 1978). Movistar + premieres this Friday the first three episodes of the third season.

“Perfect life, yours

” I can’t complain. I have participated in the film by Juan Diego Botto, In the margins, I have another film underway and a project in January that will be shot in Malaga that I am very happy about. And of course, this perfect Life.
“When you are a woman who does not shut up like Leticia Dolera you will always have ‘haters’, who will point their fingers at you”

–You are the one who demands that all the accents appear, whenever possible.
–You are opening your mind in terms of accents, luckily. I understand that if the script says that you are the sister of a girl from Barcelona, ​​it is necessary to resort to neutral Spanish, but I demand that we all be able to express ourselves in the accent in which we have been raised. Culture, cinema, series are a bridge of empathy with the public with which the public is also educated. I express myself in the Andalusian of my family, of my roots.

-And in Andalusia, Castilian is treated with a lot of respect. We build it with property.
-We only eat syllables. It’s nice that in the series we include all the accents, the races, the genders, the realities. Not everything has to be sweetened. And that the Andalusian, or the Cuban for example, do not always have to play the same role.

–Encourage to see her in Perfect life.
-Leticia Dolera needs to tell stories from the commitment and that’s how her series is. She is a woman who talks about disability, mental health, postpartum depression. On the street, people talk about their lower back hurting, but few dare to say that they have depression.
‘Perfect Life’ Season 2 Trailer –

Is It a “Women’s” Series
–But with universal themes and beyond a generation. It speaks of the fear of commitment, of infidelity. The second season is darker, more raw. It’s less comedy, but it keeps its tone.

–Did you know Dolera before

–No, we became friends in the series. We have shared many things. Rehearsals are a laboratory. There is research, improvisation.

–How do you take advantage of the situations in the script
–It is a process of working with the text. We improvise after the readings. Leticia leaves creative freedom She doesn’t feel questioned if you don’t see it. For that he has humility, he goes for other paths. We all create the characters. Very rich things arise in improvisations. She is a director who helps you get to the mood of the character when there are difficult scenes. Music and smells take me to a state of mind.

–How do we find Esther in these episodes
-She suffers so much ridicule about her. They treat her like a looser, an eternal teenager and she has taken it as an act of rebellion. Esther suffers from social conventions: you turn 40, you have nothing and the environment tells you that this is not right. To continue, she seeks stability, she wants to be mature with a relationship with a woman who is older than her.

–And who is she

–Miriam Iscla is a very good actress. We made a brutal couple.

-Maria makes us think about mental illnesses…

-Maria goes to therapy and is an example: society would be less ill if they went more to the psychologist. This second season focuses more on sexual relationships. Leticia wanted to tell about the friendly, sexual-affective bond of her characters.
“In a few years, maybe I’m wrong, this series deserves a third part”

–How do you define yourself

–I feel very proud of my parents, who have instilled in me so many values. They have taught me to listen, to have empathy, respect. Society teaches us to be individualistic and I am outraged by many injustices.

-Will this be the second and last season

-Perfect life is presented as the final season, but I refuse to think that there is no third. Unless you have a compelling story, you’re not going to go back into it. In a few years, maybe I’m wrong, this series deserves a third part.

-Dolera has lived the scourge of the ‘haters’…
–When you are a woman who does not shut up you will always have haters, who will point their fingers at you. I have internal debates, I like to say what I think. She is singled out for speaking her mind and fighting for women’s rights and that is still scary.

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