One of the things you like most about your hair is its irresistible blonde color , but, despite having one of the most envied hair colors, you don’t end up finding a haircut that convinces you.
Have you thought about betting on the recently reinvented bob chop and combining it with a blorange to see if changing the tone of your coloration you get that desired movement effect and you have more than studied the haircuts according to the shape of the face that can favor you the most and You don’t finish hitting the key. The problem is that you have misfocused your new hair styling .
Forget your features and the color change, bet on giving all the movement in the world to your hair with the haircut that best suits blonde girls. He is called airy bob , he is the king of the movement effect in a mane and he arrives at hairdressers as a breath of fresh air for blonde girls (pun intended).

What is an airy bob haircut for blondes

The main characteristic of the airy bob haircut is that it adds a lot of volume to the hair , but that does not mean that the airy bob is a haircut that is not suitable for thick hair (you just have to apply a few little tricks to carry it out and that the result is superior). As its name suggests, this haircutit is like a breath of air in your hair , which makes the movement effect perpetual. An aspect to be taken into account in the case of blonde hair .
This very flattering haircut is called so because the layers and shape make this a light and voluminous cut , causing the same effect as if it were giving you the air all the time (now you will be able to feel Beyonce with all those of the law). For blonde girls, this haircut is the one that best suits them because it makes a luminous mane gain in movement and thus the various points of light are spread over the face. Of course, before doing it you should know a few things.

Tricks to have the best airy bob haircut
It is the haircut that has conquered blonde girls because it gives movement to a hair in which luminosity is the key and combining luminosity and volume is all that blonde hair needs. But is the airy bob a haircut suitable for all hair types
Absolutely yes.
Girls with thick hair will need to reduce the weight of the hair a little to make it easier to obtain that desired movement effect. On the contrary, girls with fine hair will have to opt for an airy bob that has the same length at all angles and resort to one of the hair tricks that we will tell you about later.
Like other types of bob haircuts (we have already lost count of how many versions there are), the airy bob also has a little trick when it comes to styling it and with which it enhances movement even more (which, ultimately, is what has conquered the blonde girls of this haircut).
You just have to bet on a texturizing spray with which to give it that airy, light and voluminous style that you like so much. However, if you don’t like this type of product, you just have to use a large round brush and comb it in the opposite direction of hair growth to give it that voluminous movement effect that has conquered us.

The secret to an outstanding airy bob

The real secret to the success ofThis flattering haircut that scares blondes is that in the hairdresser they play with subtle layers (have you heard of invisible layers
) to give life through the cut, support volume from the root and movement. In order to lighten the hair, the cut can be made with a razor or with fine scissors.
The movement is always from top to bottom; that is, vertically along the entire strand to reduce its weight. In this way the tips are not cut, as occurs in traditional cuts. Being covered under a layer of longer hair, they are not seen, but they do generate volume .

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