Winston Churchill , whose rhetorical vis has overcome the echo of the time and led him to win the Nobel Prize for literature, to win wars and to take charge of the English people, one thing, to us Italians, he had at heart to say:
Italians lose wars as if they were football matches, and football matches as if they were wars
Without digging too deeply into the caves of our unconscious, this aphorism can move our most remote chords. Because yes, after all, the one who, speaking of the Iron Curtain, started the era of the Cold War, had taken us fully on us.

And with the Italian national team out of the World Cup in Russia, wars and cataclysms are aligned in the same perspective in a solar system that, regressing, and imploded in an apocalyptic Big Bang .
But one thing Churchill could not – yet and lawfully – foresee: the existence of fantasy football .
Punic and Crusader wars avoid; age-old friendships that risk shattering with each football season, but which, almost as a bitter perversion, find themselves at the starting point the following year and the one after that. Propitiatory and superstitious rituals , where each individual participant takes on the role of “one and three”: president of his own company who must administer the phantom credits; trainerwhose delicate task is to understand if the striker of the team that falls towards relegation will guarantee a number of goals to counter Cristiano Ronaldo; scout to find the newcomer from the French second division, pay him only 1 credit by exploiting the ignorance of the opposing players. And wait for the first day of Serie A to understand if it is a blowjob, if it promises well or if it will spend the whole championship on the bench.
Fantasy football is a pleasant obsession, the opium of modern peoples that starts with the mystical experience of the fantasy football auction, goes through the curses for the Serie A breaks due to the commitments of the National team, the impatient wait for the +3 from those who do not expect it, the assist that makes you tick the day with a half vote more on the opponent, taking home a miserable 1-0 . And then the controversy over the report cards and the vote given to this or that player.
We at, after the wonderful experience of the 2018 World Cup, we want to dive into a new adventure. With our responsibility to do things well, professionalism and smiles. Because if the World Cup is wars, every single day of fantasy football is a battle. We want to give you advice, chat with you about who to field, numbers, statistics and curiosities within your reach. Yes, we said chat because we will do it through a web TV visible on our site , on our social channels Facebook and YouTube and on the Livedinner platform .
We will start with two weekly appointments
, on Friday – obviously – in view of the Serie A match day and on Tuesday to talk about opening up to the Champions League and Europa League and to comment on the performance of the fantasy coaches. Obviously we will do it live to interact with those who want to follow us and ask us for advice and information. To enrich the schedule, in the coming months, we will have different guests: athletes, bloggers and writers to review and talk about sports books and much more.
We will be online, of course, but we have chosen a “real” and physical place where we can meet to set up our studio: we are in Padua, in the Arcella district , in via de ‘Menabuoi 4. Why we want to tell you
Why we are inside a vacant shop that the Arcellaground group(which we thank) is trying to revive together with other places within the The Ring project . We network, in every sense.
Let’s dive into this new adventure together! There is someone out there who has conceded four goals from Parolo in the same match. Let’s be close to him. And against the usual “owls” of your friends, a good 65.5 at all!

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