Every day that passes the Taliban, returned to power amidst promises of amnesty and moderation, show their true face, very similar to that of the nineties: violent, ruthless, obscurantist. In Kabul they have just banned arguments against Sharia from university programs, but in these hours it is in the Panshir valley that their revenge is being consumed against the haggard and inadequate resistance, led by Ahmad Massoud, son of the most legendary ‘Lion’, who tried to give them a hard time: according to the BBC, self-styled students of the Koran killed at least 20 civilians in the valley after regaining control last week and hoisted the flag of the Islamic Emirate. According to sources of the British broadcaster, the cutthroats of the new government have also hurled themselves against a simple trader, Abdul Sami, father of two children. Faced with the advance of the Taliban, the man had decided not to flee: “I’m just a poor shopkeeper and I have nothing to do with the war”, he would have said. But then he was arrested on charges of selling sim cards to resistance fighters and days later his tortured body was dumped in front of his house. But it is always with the Taliban that we need to talk if we want to help the rest of the Afghans to survive. This is the bitter but necessary observation also made by the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres at the donors’ conference that was held in Geneva, with the aim of raising at least 600 million dollars for humanitarian aid. At the end of the day, the head of the UN, who had appealed to the international community to show solidarity with the Afghan people, was more than optimistic: “We have received promises of up to one billion dollars,” he said at a press conference. The UN itself will allocate 20 million from its emergency fund to support 11 million Afghans (out of a population of 38 million), while the United States has announced the allocation of almost 64 million. Even Italy, present in videoconference with Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, reiterated “the commitment to play an active role in supporting the Afghan people, also in his capacity as president of the G20”, underlining that the Italian funds will be intended for UN agencies and NGOs. The urgency revealed by everyone in Geneva, by Guterres as by Di Maio, and that “we need to act now to prevent the economic collapse” of Afghanistan, “with the risk – the head of the Farnesina warned – of new migratory flows”. For their part, the Taliban are committed in black and white, in a letter delivered last week in Kabul to the UN Deputy Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, Martin Griffiths, to guarantee safe access to international aid, to protect the lives of humanitarian workers. and not to enter the bases of the United Nations and other organizations. The umpteenth promise of the new Taliban course, to be taken with the now obligatory caution. Meanwhile, a plane of the Pakistani company Pia landed today at Kabul airport:
Showdown on Afghanistan at the US Congress, where Secretary of State Antony Blinken is the first member of the Biden administration to be put under pressure for the chaotic withdrawal from Kabul, on Monday before the House foreign commission and on Tuesday before that of the Senate. A deposition that opens a long series of hearings scheduled by Republican and Democratic parliamentarians to shed light on the shadows that weigh on the conclusion of the American mission in that country but also on two decades of military and economic aid canceled by the return of the Taliban to power. A catwalk that threatens to further undermine the image of the president, who despite the controversy has strenuously defended his decision to put an end to the longest American war, defining the evacuation operations a ” with the last 13 marines killed in the kamikaze attack in front of the entrance to Hamid Karzai airport. Members of Congress prepared a long list of questions about the rapid collapse of the Afghan government and army, the difficulties in evacuating more than 142,000 people, and the prospects for the remaining American and Afghan allies in the country. Republicans point the finger at the withdrawal, asking why the troops were withdrawn before the evacuations, why the Bagram base was abandoned, why the government has not signed agreements with neighboring countries for air surveillance and anti-terrorism actions, what it happened at Kabul airport in the final days. The dem instead focus on the 20-year war in Afghanistan, lest rivals turn the auditions into a show to blame Biden on all the mistakes of this long period. Forgetting that the Grand Old Party had backed Trump’s decision for an even faster withdrawal.
Joe Biden will be at the UN on 21 September for the United Nations General Assembly, where he will give a speech in person. This was announced by the White House.

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