The toll of the attack in Kabul rises to at least 170 dead and 200 injured. There would have been only one suicide bomber in the two explosions. The US fears other terrorist attacks with car bombs and rockets against the airport during the evacuation operations. There are still 5,400 people waiting to be taken away. Biden thinks of drones and missiles as retaliation against Isis-K. The UN estimates up to half a million Afghan refugees by 2021. On the border with Pakistan ‘unprecedented influx’.
Among the victims also 13 American soldiers. The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, sent a message of condolence to the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden. “Rome remains firmly determined to counter, together with the United States and other international partners, all forms of terrorism and fundamentalist violence, as well as to provide humanitarian assistance to the friendly Afghan people”, said the president.
There are also three British citizens, including a child, among the victims of yesterday’s terrorist attacks in Kabul, according to what has been ascertained in the last few hours. This was announced by Dominic Raab, foreign minister of Boris Johnson’s government, quoted by Sky News. US forces prepare for more terrorist attacksby Isis that could include the use of car bombs and rockets against Kabul airport while US evacuation operations continue, said the head of the central command, Kenneth McKenzie. “We believe they want to continue those attacks and we expect those attacks to continue,” McKenzie stressed, referring to ISIS, according to the Washington Post.
The head of the US central command, Kenneth McKenzie, said that Washington was ready to retaliate against the perpetrators of the attack, in which he said he did not see a complicity of the Taliban. According to the reconstructions, it was a “complex” attack in the Abbey Gate area, an area controlled by US and British troops where, at that time, at least 5,000 people were massed waiting to know their fate.
The first explosion was the work of a suicide bomber who blew himself up outside the Baron Hotel, which in recent days has become the base for journalists and UK troops. Then another kamikaze, or a car bomb according to other sources, closer to the gate, near a sewer canal that has become the terrifying waiting room for thousands of desperate people. There hundreds of families are waiting for a nod from the military. From there the soldiers look out to pick up those who have made it and will be embarked on flights to a new life. There the bombers struck. In the evening, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks, also publishing a photo of one of the suicide bombers, according to the Site. The death toll of at least 60 Afghan civilians was released in the evening by the Wall Street Journal citing medical sources. Among the 13 American soldiers who lost their lives there is also a Navy doctor. While talking about children among the victims were the Taliban. For their part, the doctors of the Emergency hospital in Kabul reported ten people who had arrived dead in their facility and over 60 hospitalized.
The story of witnesses in the Afghan capital is chilling. Piles of corpses, shreds of bodies in the blood-covered canal. A former US Marine interpreter said he saw a 5-year-old girl die in his arms. Images and videos circulated on social media show injured people being transported in rickety wheelbarrows with the incessant howling of ambulances in the background.
“It was like doomsday, people hurt everywhere. I saw people running with blood on their faces and bodies,” said another witness. No Italians were involved in the attack since the explosions took place in an area distant from where our soldiers are operating with the embassy staff who remained on the field. Shortly before hell broke out, an Italian C-130 with some journalists on board had taken off among the bullets: they were from an Afghan machine gun that fired into the air to disperse the crowd that pressed towards the airport gate but on board yes they lived moments of terror.
Right from the start, the US and the British were certain that the attack was the work of Isis-K, the Islamic State of the Afghan province of Khorasan, the group affiliated with Isis, an enemy of Al Qaeda and the Taliban. They, the new masters of Afghanistan, condemned the attack by placing the responsibility on the United States: “It took place in an area where security is in the hands of US forces”, said spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, assuring that the Taliban “they are paying close attention to the safety and protection of their people” and that the enemies will be stopped. But the risk of other attacks in the next few days is concrete and already in the evening another strong explosion was heard in Kabul.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, after a meeting of the Cobra emergency committee, assured that the evacuation will continue as planned. Even French President Emmanuel Macron, while acknowledging that the next few hours will be “extremely risky”, has guaranteed that the evacuations will continue until the 31st. Other countries, such as Canada and Germany, have already left Afghanistan. Tomorrow the Italian airlift will also end with the departure of the last C-130 from Kabul.

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