The spokeswoman for the municipal group Adelante Sevilla, Susana Serrano, called on the mayor of the city, Juan Espadas, on Sunday to urgently start the rehabilitation of the San Pablo sports center pool, which has been closed since 2007, so that it can be enjoyed this same summer by the residents of the area.
For Serrano, the rehabilitation of the public pool is “one of the great pending issues of the City Council with this neighborhood”, for which he has demanded that its commissioning be carried out by municipal services during the month of June, in such a way that during the summer it can be enjoyed by the neighborhood and, especially, by those people who, given the extreme economic circumstances, do not have the possibility of enjoying vacations.
“Guaranteeing leisure and recreation spaces for citizens is an obligation that this mayor is ignoring,” said the leader of Podemos, who has reminded the municipal government of the commitment made with Adelante Sevilla in the latest budgets to increase the number of public swimming pools in the city .
Along these lines, the spokesperson for Adelante has pointed out that the swimming pool at the San Pablo sports center is “just a paradigmatic example of the abandonment of public spaces and infrastructure” in the district by the City Council. Thus, Serrano has urged the mayor to “meet with the neighborhood associations” that work in the district and collect their requests so that the existing provision spaces adapt to the needs of the residents, in addition to facilitating mediation with different unfinished private projects. that need a solution of continuity or disappearance to give rise to new essential public services.
The leader, who has visited the San Pablo-Santa Justa district together with residents of the area, has denounced “the manifest disinterest” of the local government team in the neighborhoods that make up San Pablo and has demanded a public investment plan that allows the neighborhoods that make up San Pablo recover all the deteriorated infrastructure due to the lack of maintenance for years.
Finally, Serrano has also required the government of Espadas to have a greater presence of the municipal garden maintenance services in San order to recover green areas that have lost vegetation as well as the rehabilitation of fountains whose abandonment has become a public health problem as the residents of Plaza Tomas Pavon have been denouncing for months.

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