Walk-in closet: angular or open, excellent for every need
The modern and equipped walk-in closet responds to practical and tasteful needs. In fact, it is not just functional furniture. It is also a place where it becomes more pleasant and relaxing to choose what to wear and which accessories to use in everyday life. Clothes, linens and objects useful in everyday life, such as bags, backpacks and suitcases, are stored in a cloakroom . You enter this space as you would enter a room, a “wardrobe room” with its own lighting, organized according to your needs.
The walk-in closets, therefore, represent passepartout solutions for those who want a functional and pleasant “container room” for clothing, linen and suitcases. In the article we see where it is convenient to create a walk-in closet , how to make it and organize its arrangement, and what types of wardrobes there are. Like Aladdin’s lamp.
The walk-in closetsthey solve any space requirement. They do magic. They fulfill a desire, that of having more space available for storing clothes and linen, without giving up the airiness of the room. A mammoth wardrobe and an elephant in a glassware, if the bedroom isn’t big. It takes an alternative to make good use of every inch of the room. The solution in these cases is represented by the walk-in closet, that is a real ” closet room “, in which there is no encumbrance of a load-bearing container structure. Where it is convenient to insert a walk-in closet
To understand where it is convenient to create a modern walk-in closet , the first step is to consider the minimum necessary dimensions. In short, we must ask ourselveshow big a walk-in closet should be . In the next paragraph, we specify the measures that need to be ascertained. Generally, a walk-in wardrobe is obtained from the space itself of the bedroom, or of the small bedroom, which must be equipped with storage compartments. In some cases, an adjacent space can be used, but a mezzanine can also be easily transformed into a comfortable wardrobe. In the houses, sometimes, there are passage and hallway areas that lend themselves to being rearranged as closet rooms . How big a walk-in closet must be: minimum dimensions
How much space is needed to make a walk-in closet Minimum dimensionsthey must be evaluated, alas, also to give volume and shape to our future container room. It is therefore necessary to measure width, depth and height. The first dimension cannot be less than 2.2 m , while the minimum depth of a wardrobe room is 1.2 m . In total, the area occupied by the wardrobe is about 2 square meters , keeping the spaces at maximum “compression”. For the height, 1.5 – 1.6 m should be considered for the compartment for coats and dresses, and 1.1 m for that of hanging skirts, trousers and shirts. All types of wardrobes for the bedroom and children’s room
Let’s see what are the different types of modern walk-in closet. The most classic and elegant is the wardrobe obtained from the same space as the bedroom with a plasterboard wall . In other cases, in the room there may already be a partition wall to be used to set up a walk-in wardrobe . The most comfortable and spacious closet rooms are often those made from closets adjacent to the room. Finally, modern walk-in wardrobes can also be obtained from niches that remain open or from containing structures similar to normal wardrobes, but larger. Corner walk-in closet: when it is useful to optimize space When a corner walk-in closet
can be useful and beautiful to look at
It is a passe-partout furnishing solution that makes the space of the room in which it is created dynamic. It requires the insertion in the rooms of a plasterboard partition that cuts the quadrangular environment. It fits well into rather spacious square bedrooms, which are at least 4.2 x 4.2m in size. The plasterboard wall that encloses the walk-in wardrobe must be equipped with a suitable access door. The surface not occupied by the passage can be used as a support for the head of the bed. The corner walk-in closet is built on the two blind sides of the bedroom, thus leaving the right natural lighting to the environment. The open walk-in closet
The open walk-in closetIt is perhaps the simplest and most affordable solution among the various types of wardrobes on the market. In fact, it consists of a structure without doors and panels that close it. It is deeper than a normal wardrobe and looks like a sort of equipped wall. There are large drawers for shirts, T-shirts and linens. The rods where to hang jackets, dresses, skirts and trousers always remain visible. In these cases, it is useful to use special fabric bags to protect the clothing from dust. How to furnish a walk-in closet
Once you have found the right space to create a beautiful wardrobe for the home, the fateful question comes: how to furnish a walk-in closet so that it is comfortable and always in order
First, the choices depend on the specific needs that need to be met. For example, there are those who want to store only clothing items in the cloakroom. In these cases, the needs are met by drawers, compartments for hanging jackets and shirts, and tall compartments suitable for coats, quilts and long dresses. In such a closet room, it is also good to think of a separate space for storing shoes: the various shelves could be designed with different heights for sneakers, men’s shoes, heels and boots. A place for suitcases and bags
In a cloakroomample it is possible to provide for the preparation of a space in which suitcases and bags are placed. Sufficient wide shelves are sufficient for shoppers, trunks and buckets. Trolleys and luggage essential for the holidays require a compartment high enough, possibly at floor level, so that it is not necessary to lift them to put them away. To protect bags and shoes from dust, fabric containers or lightweight boxes can be used, which move easily from one shelf to another. The convertible walk-in closet for small rooms
Among the different models of walk-in closet furniture , there are convertible ones. What is it about
They are furnishing objects that meet different needs in a small space. Aconvertible walk-in closet , for example, can contain a pull-out bed, which becomes a desk when closed. The furniture of this type is characterized by refined technological solutions and high level design. The multifunctional furniture is suitable for apartments with a limited size. They are a passepartout solution for maximum comfort in a small space. A made-to-measure walk-in closet
If the spaces in the house are limited or have particular characteristics, a stimulating opportunity is represented by the possibility of having custom-made walk-in closet furniture made.. An architect and a craftsman find the most suitable solutions for the specific characteristics of an environment. The result is the fruit of the utmost creativity to satisfy the desires of those who will then live in the house. Every detail becomes a personal choice, compatibly with the technical possibilities. The imagination can indulge itself in deciding and combining finishes and accessories.

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