Summer or winter wedding
This is the first dilemma that all couples face after having decided to take the big step. If you have decided to pronounce your most important Yes during the hottest months, the advantages of this choice are innumerable: you will have more hours of light, a wider range for choosing the location and you can show off an enviable tan! But if it is true that not all heat comes to harm, it means that even a small part of it gives it some problems and, therefore, how to keep hot temperatures at bay
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Here are some clever and at the same time irresistible tricks to cool off guests when the mercury column soars, combined with some ideas for the look of the perfect summer bride. 1. Free ice cream buffet
No to multilayer cakes, yes to the wedding banquet with a delicious ice cream buffet. The Wedding IceCream, which has been going crazy for years in the United States, can prove to be a winning choice that offers your table a colorful and original touch, not to mention that it will be a much more pleasant dessert than the maxi-sugary calorie bombs usually served at the end of the wedding. The variations are practically infinite between cakes made up of cones, mini sorbets, popsicles, ice cream cakes, not to mention the possibility of presenting them in a creative way ., perhaps with a retro two-wheeled cart! 2. Multicolor gadgets for the guests
Instead of the classic dust-proof favors, imagine the effect of the shopping bags to be delivered at the reception entrance , perhaps bearing your initials and containing the necessary for the day, especially if you have opted for a wedding on the beach: a towel, a vintage umbrella, a pair of multicolored flip flops, a fan or a hat are details that will make your guests feel pampered, even when the weather is not particularly mild.
Photo via Shutterstock 3. Hair in freedom
A summer wedding allows brides and guests to show off a more informal outfit, from head to toe. Therefore, it is better not to opt for a demanding hairstyle, but focus on a casual semi-collected hairstyle! 4. Alternative
bouquets You never give up on throwing the bouquet, also because it will be irresistible maybe at sunset on a barefoot beach! The advice, however, is to focus on fresh and light compositions , with free bows, straw needles and seasonal flowers. Here is a selection of the most beautiful wedding bouquets 2017 in this photogallery. 5. Last but not the least, the dress
A dress by Marianna Lanzilli. Photo via Facebook
Every wedding has three real protagonists: the first and the most evident, the spouses, who cannot be without; the second is necessary, love, which without it is possible, but better to leave it alone; the third has the ability to catalyze attention on himself by triggering the comments of guests of all ages. We are obviously talking about the bride’s dress, which will be able to follow the most popular trends of the season by proposing a boho-chic mood of floral inspiration, perfect for a wedding celebrated in June or September, or daring smaller lines for the hottest summer months. , in which you can wear a slip wedding dress. And keep in mind the verb dare, because in the bridal collections it is now an evergreen. The quirky bride par excellence will be able to challenge tradition by exhibiting a bikini for a wedding by the sea, as proposed on the occasion of Miami Fashion Week. This is for the joy of the groom and guests. A little less for that of the mother, grandmothers and especially the mother-in-law.
But we are sure they will all be happy anyway.

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