Have you thought about giving a puppy to your children
. It will certainly be a welcome gift, children love puppies, but be careful not to take this choice lightly. Here are 6 tips to make no mistake. Remember that a puppy is a wonderful but challenging giftA puppy is a wonderful gift, but it is good not to forget that it is a living creature, it is not a toy, and it has special needs and requirements: it must be looked after, fed, loved and cared for when needed. Often it is necessary to change your habits to meet yours. Caring for him takes time, effort, and has an economic cost. For all these reasons, choosing to give a puppy as a gift should not be made lightly: do it only if you know that it will have all the love and care it deserves. Contact reliable specialized centers For the choice of the puppy, contact only specialized shops or reliable kennelswho will be able to provide you with valuable information on the animal’s pedigree and all the information necessary to raise it in the best possible way based on the typical characteristics of its breed. Together with the puppy, you must be given all the relative documentation and the health certificate indicating the number of microchips and the vaccinations carried out. A great idea is also to choose the dog by going to a kennel , those sweet creatures can’t wait to be adopted. Help him acclimatise It is essential that the puppy settles in the house where he will live: a cozy, warm and quiet kennel where he can go to rest and where he feels safe.is very important. Do not leave him alone for too long and call him by the name chosen right away so that he begins to get used to it, being careful not to call him with a reproachful tone otherwise he associates his name with a scolding and he will tend to run away. Give him a toy to play with to make him familiar with the house and make him feel welcome. Let him visit the veterinarian Shortly after the adoption, it is good that the puppy is visited by the veterinarian who will give you all the information necessary to keep him healthy, as well as inform you about the vaccinations to be done and the most correct diet for his development. Pampering, games and walks at willThe puppy needs love and cuddles. He will appreciate it very much if you brush him often gently and affectionately, if you play with him and if you take him for walks . Making him explore the outside world is in fact a stimulus and a moment of growth for him. Choose the food that best suits your needs Proper nutritionand decisive for the well-being of your dog. The first few days always use the same bowl and always put it in the same position to get him used to it. Remember that you must have fresh, clean water. Resist the temptation to let him taste what you have on your plate or to give him the remains of your meal, the best choice is to feed him with products designed precisely for his development that contain all the nutrients so that he grows strong and healthy, such as those you find in the wide Monge range , a company that takes the health of four-legged friends very seriously.
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