Discoteca em
An unquestionable benchmark for Sevillian nights in the 80s and 90s, the EM discotheque has returned, and it does so with more force than ever. When talking about the EM discotheque to many Sevillians, some already advanced in years, a smile will come to their faces, who has not spent one of the most unforgettable nights of their life in this mythical room located next to the bridge of the Delights

In short, what comes to mind are good times and lots of fun, jackets with shoulder pads, pants above the ankles, plaid shirts, toupees, hair gel, and scooters with Snoopy stickers.
After a few seasons in which the club has operated under other names, its managers decided last year to recover the brand that was so successful in its day and that carries the words quality, party and fun. And it wasn’t easy. Rather it was a major challenge. But the test has been successfully passed. EM has risen again as one of the best offers, the one that its managers say the most, of the Sevillian night.
The formula for success is to combine the best environment ever with new technologies, quality service, the best entertainment and a firm commitment to good music. DJs of the prestige of JL Bround, Armando Vazquez, Bosco, Juanjo Martin, Sofia DJ, Miguel Angel Roca, Abel The Kid, or Angel Revuelta have passed through the EM booth since its inauguration last year. As residents, the room has Ivan Ruiz, in the first part of the night, while Carlos Jimenez, Monika Mass and as star The Mae play from 5:00 until closing. The music they play is vocal house, all commercial and very danceable, songs that can be heard regularly on radio stations such as Maxima FM and Los 40.
To this we must add the animations staged by Goto and Decadence Group, also residents of EM. New technologies are also present in the disco that has the best audiovisual effects of the moment, such as a megatron and lasers, which are joined by the best sound equipment and the most prepared human team.
The nightclub opens Friday and Saturday, and exceptionally on Thursdays when they organize the famous university parties with most of the city’s faculties and colleges. EM’s clientele is wide, and varies depending on the time of night. Between 0:00 and 5:00, the public is usually between 18 and 20 years old. They are young people who allow themselves to be trapped and seduced by the legend of the room. From 5:00 to closing, it is a more mature public that goes to EM remembering the golden years of the disco.
Within EM’s programming, two products stand out for their originality and enormous acceptance among the public: Grooving and Good Morning. The first of them aims to unite Friday night with Saturday dawn. The second is the star bet. Uniting the night with the day is the idea, but those responsible for EM want to make it very clear that it is not an after party, but rather to prolong the party a little longer. The place chosen for this event is Babylon, the summer zone. As a detail, the club gives customers who stay to see the star king come out personalized sunglasses and themed t-shirts, among other presents.
The nightclub also offers the possibility of contracting reserved rooms, spaces, VIP areas, even the entire venue for company events and various celebrations.

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