A 43-year-old man, Rafael LR, has died in the Virgen del Rocio hospital five days after receiving a brutal beating. The victim was abandoned in a vacant lot on the outskirts of Dos Hermanas last Saturday morning. He was found unconscious next to a vehicle. The National Police maintains an open investigation into the case, although at the moment no person has been detained or charged in relation to this homicide.
The events occurred in the early hours of Saturday, November 6, in a vacant lot that is used as a parking lot, and which is located very close to the Dos Hermanas exit on the old Bellavista highway. The man was found at 7:40 a.m. The person who saw him thought it could be a drunk who was asleep, but then he realized that he had a series of serious head injuries and called the Police and the emergency health services, according to the local newspaper Cadena DH. .
The health professionals verified the seriousness of the injuries suffered by the man, who suffered a severe head injury and multiple bruises all over his body. Apparently, the man had suffered a brutal beating and had been thrown in the field. It was abandoned along with a vehicle, which was examined by the Scientific Police in search of any biological vestige of the aggressors. He was initially transferred to the Virgen de Valme Hospital, from where he was transferred to the Virgen del Rocio.
In the hospital he underwent surgery. At first it was feared the loss of an eye, but later it was found that the injuries were much more serious than initially suspected. In the last days it had an unfavorable evolution until finally it has passed away.
The investigation indicates that the man could have been brutally attacked in a cocktail bar in the area, where an argument would have started between several people, which would later have moved to the street. There he was able to continue the fight, which ended with a brutal beating received by the victim, and which has ended up being fatal. The number of aggressors, the reasons for the fight and the time the man spent in the open field, out in the open on a rather cold night, are unknown at the moment.

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