When betting on daily makeup, the idea of ​​naturalness is the one that weighs the most. The use of a mask and the informality of everyday life invite us to wear a neutral makeup that only enhances the look and perhaps the lips. Gone are the sophisticated makeup reserved for parties, in our daily we bet on naturalness and we like to wear a washed face effect makeup.
Despite the fact that wearing a mask invites many women not to paint their lips, more and more of us who, following some makeup tips, have decided to rescue our lipsticks and re-enhance that part of our face. Following the line of naturalness when opting for makeup, when it comes to lipsticks we also like to opt for more discounted tones and that combine with the fresh and carefree appearance of our face, although sometimes we have a hard time finding it. proper lipstick .
In general, cosmetic lines bet on intense and generic tones that do not suit all women equally well. We don’t have the same skin tone, nor does the washed face effect make-up look the same, nor do the lipsticks have the right tone.for our traits. To achieve a natural effect that favors us all equally, the idea would be for each one to have their own personalized lipstick, something that for Mercadona has not required much effort.
The supermarket company has just launched a new line of cosmetics and its star item is a lip balm that reacts with the PH of the skin, leaving a personalized tone for each woman . In other words, each woman will have her own personalized lipstick with which to achieve that natural and flattering makeup because the color achieved is based on her own skin tone.. A very interesting product that we are dying to try. Although it is not the only proposal of the new Mercadona cosmetics collection. Under the name Color Care, the new Deliplus range is limited edition and also includes a blush and an exfoliating stick, among others.

A limited edition collection that plays with blush

The limited edition collection includes an exfoliating stick with sugar particles, presented in a new packaging, color and aroma of apricot, and the aforementioned lip balmNutri-Balm, which reacts with the PH of the skin and gives rise to a personal tone for each woman. Its use is highly recommended several times a day, especially for the use of masks, which dry out the lips and thanks to this product it will be hydrated and with a fresh and natural tone .
In addition, Mercadona’s Color Care range is completed with a multicolored satin blush and a facial highlighter with a velvety texture in the shape of a heart with an innovative formula of cooked powders for soft skin, all with the idea of ​​enhancing the naturalness of the blush .
The supplier of this new range of limited edition cosmetics is Totaler Wecolors, which produces these products at its plant in Vilassar De Dalt (Barcelona) for the perfumery section of the entire supermarket chain.

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