A friendly with the flavor of a European Champions League match between Inter and Schalke 04 valid for the 2017 International Champions Cup in Asia. The match ended with a 1-1 draw. To the initial advantage of the Italian – German Caligiuri , Murillo responded with a nice shot from distance.
Although it was a summer match, it was a special match for Knappen’s new technician, Domenico Tedesco . The coach who sat on the Schalke bench is a 31-year-old Italian who, for the first time, albeit in a friendly match, faced an Italian team.
“Der Raum, der absolut den Spielern gehort!” Domenico #German uber die Bedeutung der Spielerkabine. # S04 pic.twitter.com/oA0NbwrvR9
– FC Schalke 04 (@ s04) June 22, 2017
His registry was a bit bizarre as he is Italian by origin but German by surname and by adoption. The personal history of the coach is obviously characteristic of all those people who decide to leave Italy to find more luck abroad , especially in Germany. The Tedesco family was one of them.
The parents, in fact, decide to leave Rossano Calabro (Cs) for Germany to have a better economic and working stability. Little Domenico , only two years oldhe is immediately catapulted into another reality quite different from the southern region.
According to the newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung, his family had moved from the parts of Esslingen, a few kilometers from Stuttgart, to be reunited with his father, who had found a job as a printer for a local newspaper, Esslinger Zeitung.
In the same newspaper, Domenico gets an internship in the sports editorial staff.
Indeed, at the same time as his school life, Domenico dedicates his free time to the world of sport and football. When he was very young he played in small football teams but never made his professional debut. Slowly in his mind the idea arises to leave the shoes with spikes to keep himself more on the sidelines and sit on the bench.
Alternating work and hobbies, Mr. Tedesco takes over some teams of boys until he reaches the youth sector of Stuttgart , to train the boys of the Under 17. It is in Stuttgart that Domenico works as an engineer in the Mercedes Benz car company . After a few years and with the ever more pressing advance of sporting activity, he decides to leave the car company to throw himself headlong into football.
The experience in Stuttgart lasted until 2015, after which he was called to the Hoffenheimfirst among the kids and then the Under 19s. Meanwhile he decides to take (with full marks) the license necessary to coach a pro team.
Abschied am Saisonende. Domenico #German verlasst die #tsg
https://t.co/JWGTk2kTEw. # tsg1899 pic.twitter.com/Hf7zEgYQgt
– TSG 1899 Hoffenheim (@ achtzehn99) January 13, 2017
Domenico Tedesco, however, did not know that sooner or later the big opportunity would come, which punctually arrives on March 8, 2017 . The club of the Aue Erzgebirge militant in the Zweite Liga (second division of the German league) calls him with the task of bringing the club to safety.
Although the situation of the team was deficient, in eleven games Mr Tedesco (in his first experience as a professional) manages to conquer the beauty of twenty points hitting salvation to the amazement of all.
The rise of the Calabrian-born coach does not end here. To bet on him and on his talent and Schalke 04 . The historic club from Gelsenkirchen decides to entrust him with the bench to replace Markus Weinzierl . This year the club will not compete in any European competition and for this reason it will aim to do well in the Bundesliga and DFB Pokal (the German cup). An emotion for Mr. Tedesco will certainly be his home debut at theVeltins-Arena against Leipzig and the Ruhr derby against Borussia Dortmund.
Dario Sette

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