If you are lucky a dog will enter your life, steal your heart and change everything, says a poem. Except that something is missing, a disclaimer is missing: you will develop an eternal addiction. Why yes, whoever wrote it forgot to mention that dogs are addictive .
That being that leaves hair everywhere, that adorns the walls with splashes of drool, that dreams of eating from your plate and does everything to fulfill his desire, and addictive . That fur ball that wakes you up in the morning at unlikely hours because it wants to go out, that snores so much that it keeps you awake at night, that thinks that the bed is first his and then yours, that you have to take out even when the monsoon subjects you (good-naturedly).
He who wakes you up to play hide and seek in the middle of the night, who rolls around in unclean things, who is capable of eating unmentionable things and then feeling bad about them, who hates being with other dogs, who barks so loudly when they intercom. you feel nothing, that follows you like a shadow wherever you go (even in the bathroom), that is also jealous of the postman, who forces you to guess what he likes because he is too delicate to tell you.
He who makes you feel guilty when you leave him, who forces you to learn what he wants to tell you when he communicates in his language without words, that he is happy when it’s sunny and goes out when it rains, who loves to drink water from the toilet, which first licks your pee in the street and then your ears, which steals food with more skill than Arsenio Lupine, which takes the place of the dishwasher, which has a tail that hurts more than a whip.
He who has opinions on where you take him / her on vacation, who makes scenes on motorcycles, who howls at bells, who chases squirrels, who can’t stand the brush, who turns his back on you when you go out and doesn’t greet you when you come back because and still offended, who sees Christmas balls as an aperitif, which ages long before you, which makes you suffer like a damned man when he goes away, that being addict them
Yes. And a lot too. How
come Let’s find out.

  • Chemistry
  • Love
  • Animal size
  • Gratitude
  • Presence
  • Distraction
  • Tenderness
  • A special relationship

The proximity of the dog leads, among others, to an increase in the levels of phenylethylamine, dopamine, beta-enforfine and oxytocin in the blood and beyond. It leads to relaxing muscles, improving blood pressure, slowing the heart rate, regulating breathing and reducing stress. Simply put, dogs are life companions that are chemically good for humans’ body and mind. This already makes them virtually a drug . Love
The love of dogs is special, impossible to explain in words as we have seen so many times. Perhaps because it comes without judgment, perhaps because it is lavished regardless of what the human is offering. The fact is that the love for and from dogs is unique and addictive. Animal size
Dogs have a much more natural animal dimension than ours. They roll in crap, calmly dedicate themselves to studying smells, digging holes, going crazy in the snow, making mud in puddles, making cutlets in the sand, throwing themselves into ponds, smelling and studying the air . Getting involved in their naturalness makes you live better and when you learn the new way of living, it becomes practically impossible to do without it. Acknowledgment
Dogs notice when you do something for them and are grateful and are committed to reciprocatingyour dedication. Life together is a job for two (each dog has an ad hoc relationship with each human). It is a beautiful, rare sensation that becomes difficult to give up. Presence
The reality of dogs and that they are there for their humans. Physically they can be at our side, or further forward or further back but emotionally they are there , next to us. They don’t express it with words, sometimes they do it with their eyes, sometimes with gestures, sometimes with behaviors but, each in his own way, they are there and they want you to know it and make you understand it. It is a heart-filling and addictive feeling. Distraction
Dogs must be taken care of, they must not be taken if you do not give them the right time and the right attention. As we have seen, with dogs quality time is not enough, quality time and quantity time are needed. It is an important commitment
Yes. It is gratifying
Yes. And it is also a help because it means going out, walking, playing, following the rhythm of the animal, participating in its activities and entering its world. Taking care of the creature and its needs in its ways is a distraction from the more or less heavy human quarrels, and it makes you feel better. Difficult to give up on those who make you feel better. Tenderness
Dogs are tender. Okay, they’re not alone, yet, yet dogs are cuddly in a special way. It will be the way they look for you when they don’t see you even for a while, or elsehow they choose you, or how they lie on their stomachs to be caressed, or how they celebrate you, or how they follow you everywhere, or how they like to do things together, or how they seek physical contact, or how they snuggle on the sofa next to you, or how they rest their heads next to yours on the pillow, or how they get excited about even a handkerchief of grass, or how they put their ears back when they see you and happily run to meet you, or how sorry they feel when they know you have to go out and can’t come , or how patient wait for you, or how they invite you not to stop stroking them, or how happy they are when you come back to them, or how enthusiastic about their favorite toy, or how addicted they are even if they are big, or all these things together and many many others. So many dogs,A special relationship.
Summing up, what makes dogs addictive
In the end, every owner is different. I would say their nature, their immediacy, their innocence, their spontaneity, their living and enjoying the moment, their simplicity while being very complex , their being happy even the smallest things, their way of loving, their being able to make you feel special even when you have a very bad opinion of yourself, their wordlessly conveying a touching ‘I’m here, I love you, don’t be sad’, their being cuddly, their transporting you into their dimension.

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