The use of Spanish in Catalonia has been the subject of social debate for years . Many denounce discrimination for trying to use the official language of the country in certain areas of said Autonomous Community and others consider, on the contrary, that the Generalitat does not comply with the laws to protect the language of Catalonia itself. And mastery (or not) of both languages ​​ends up causing compromised situations in the day-to-day life of citizens, as has happened with this delivery man when delivering one of the packages that he had assigned during his working day. “Is it normal for the package to be stolen from my face because the carrier doesn’t want to hear Catalan
“, the user @ 4xsample bitterly complains through his Twitter profile” how to report it
directly to @mossos
, he wonders.
Hey @GLS_Spain, it’s normal for the package to be stolen in my face because the carrier doesn’t want to hear Catalan
@llenguacat @ amazon @ consumcat as we can report it
directly to @mossos XC94HtJz2w
– 4xsample (@ 4xsample) November 29, 2021
In the video that has already gone viral on several social networks, a GLS distributor is observed who, when delivering the package, asks the customer for his DNI and he gives the numbers in Catalan. In the first term you receive the messagee, but some figure does not understand it and asks you to please tell him in Spanish , something to which the client refuses. After the recipient’s refusal to provide the number of the national identity document in Spanish so that both can understand it, the delivery man decides to get into his vehicle and take the package, stating that the package has been rejected .
The public exposure of the incident has fueled the debate even more, with opposing positionsbetween what they consider a lack of respect towards the delivery person not adapting to the circumstances and agreeing to respond in Spanish and those who consider that the delivery person’s obligation is to manage in both languages ​​in Catalonia. “This is what they understand by bilingualism. That you renounce your language. You will tell us how it all ends. Cheer up and go ahead with the complaints!”, supports Joan (@forestalov) ; “Surely the Spanish Agency for Data Protection is not going to like that he is recording a public space and the GLS employee is not going to like that his image is used with those illegal cameras for that purpose either. Good luck friend!”, warns @ Alexander_G88.

Should I have provided the DNI in Spanish

And what does the Law say
Should the holder have provided the DNI in Spanish

This is what the BOE says: The current legal framework of the Catalan language is determined by the Spanish Constitution of 1978 and by the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia of 1979. The Constitution says in its Article 3 that “Castilian is the official Spanish language of the State and all Spaniards have the duty to know it and the right to use it.” Of course, “the other Spanish languages ​​will also be official in the respective Autonomous Communities in accordance with their Statutes.”
The Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia, for its part, says in its article 3 the following: “The language of Catalonia is Catalan. The Catalan language is the official language of Catalonia, as is Castilian Spanish, official throughout the Spanish State. The Generalitat will guarantee the normal and official use of the two languages, adopt the necessary measures to ensure their knowledge and create the conditions that allow them to achieve their full equality in what refers to the rights and duties of the citizens of Catalonia”.

Education, empathy, culture and solidarity are other keys, outside the law, pointed out by many users in networks to solve the incident. And you do you think

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