The National Police arrested a 46-year-old man on Tuesday for having sex with a 13-year-old girl. The sex between the arrested man and the minor was consensual, although he is charged with a crime of sexual abuse, since in Spain the age The legal minimum for consensual sexual intercourse is 16 years.
The events occurred in a peripheral neighborhood in the north of Seville, where the man, a widower for two years, had begun a romantic relationship with the girl. The mother of the minor reported the events to the National Police last week, upon learning of the relationship. The man is known to the family. The Group of Minors of the National Police opened an investigation and arrested the alleged perpetrator of the abuse.
The mother explained that she had had suspicions of what was happening since last summer, when the minor began to go frequently to an establishment in the neighborhood where she coincided with this adult. The family urged the man to cut off the relationship with the minor. As a result of that, they realized that the girl often went out to walk her dog. What he did was go to the house of a neighbor in the neighborhood, who left him his mobile phone so that he could contact the lover.
In early November, the family realized that the minor had lied to meet this man again in his car. A day later, they discovered that he had given her a ring with the inscription “You and me”, while he had a similar one. In addition, the family discovered some WhatsApp audios with a high sexual content, in which the detainee confessed to having practiced oral sex with the girl. He had also asked her, through a message on a social network, not to say anything that he had practiced a series of touching.
During an examination carried out at the hospital, the minor admitted to maintaining a relationship with her alleged abuser, affirmed that she was in love with him and that all the sexual acts they had practiced had been with her consent. The National Police arrested the alleged perpetrator of the events and brought him to justice on Tuesday.
The Court of Instruction 11 of Seville, to which this matter fell by distribution, agreed, at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, the release of the detainee with charges. He imposed as a precautionary measure the prohibition of communicating and approaching the minor, according to sources from the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA).

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