In daydreams we paint the reality of our desires. Our imagination also works on the spaces of the apartment or house where we want to live. It suggests how we would like them, what they would be like if we had a magic wand and with a quick gesture of the hand we could make them appear as faithful reproductions of our imagination.
Choosing furniture designed on the basis of standard components often does not fully satisfy the yearnings. We do not find the shape that really excites us, there are no shelves made in the shape we thought of, the height of the furniture does not fit perfectly with the characteristics of the rooms to be furnished.
When we have to furnish our new home we go in search of the furniture that best matches the lines and shapes we have in mind. But our treasure hunt is not always successful.
In the article we highlight all the valid reasons for preferring bespoke furniture to those designed with standardized measures. FMM Interior Design COMO
of Cantu is an artisan company producing kitchens, bathroom furniture and custom-made furniture. Each piece is designed on the basis of the customer’s requests, to meet his taste and his practical needs. Functionality, aesthetics and customization are the winning trio of FMM Interior Design made -to- measure furniture, which fits your wishes perfectly. 1) Tailor-made furniture for every space: craftsmanship that fits perfectly
The furniture designed and made to measure according to your needs adapts to the spaces you want. If the floor plan of your apartment or house is irregular, you can request functional objects of the shape you prefer to make your home perfectly equipped.
You don’t have to sacrifice even a square centimeter of space. Every corner of your home can be adequately exploited. One of the objectives of choosing a custom -made furniture is precisely to optimize the available space. 2) Made to measure furniture made in Italy: objects made by our artisans
Deciding to equip your home with custom-made furniture means financing the made in Italy , the local craftsmanship that offers high quality solutions and the expertise of excellent professionals. FMM Interior Design
artisans are available to customers to study customized solutions based on preferences and the conformation of the spaces to be furnished. 3) Unique products for your home: the furniture becomes exclusive
Each of us feels a little special. Through custom-made furniture, its uniqueness is also expressed in the image of the house that welcomes us into everyday life. Contact an artisan company such as FMM Interior Designit means guaranteeing unique products that distinguish our spaces and make them completely special. 4) Innovative technologies: made to measure also means avant-garde Design
and technology are companions of adventures. The production of custom-made furniture is carried out with the indispensable help of the most advanced technologies . The custom-made furniture is destined to last over time because it is characterized by the attention to detail and the quality of the materials and the project. 5) Versatility: maximum adaptation to your spaces
Tell me, O Muse, about the versatile furniture that equips our homes and makes them comfortable and welcoming. A versatile furniture can only be made to measure.
Choosing bespoke living room furniture, bespoke bathroom furniture and bespoke kitchens means ensuring maximum versatility to optimize the use of every corner of the house. 6) Bespoke bathroom furniture: shower and bathroom fixtures as you want them
When furnishing your home you get used to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcustomization, which always appeals and scares us a little, which we think costs more, but we like it so much , then it becomes difficult to give it up if it is the room dedicated to hygiene and well-being of the body.
L’bespoke bathroom furniture makes it possible to make even a small room perfectly functional and optimized, in which space must be elbowed between the centimeters to fit furniture, shower, bathroom fixtures and appliances. 7) Custom kitchens: create delicacies in your kingdom
The most intimate space in the house is the kitchen. Today the room dedicated to gastronomic creations is often integrated with the living room environment. In these cases we speak of an open kitchen, a block of appliances and storage compartments that is placed side by side with the typical furniture of the living room, sofas, armchairs, bookcases and TV stand structures.
Whether it’s furnishing an eat-in kitchen or a space in direct osmosis with the living room, tailor-made kitchensthey are the ideal choice for those who love to devote themselves to the preparation of delicacies and want equipped spaces based on their specific needs. 8) Custom-made bookcases to take advantage of every niche
Choosing custom-made furniture for your home allows you to take advantage of every niche with shelves and shelves suitable for creating small and large bookcases. In this way it is possible to multiply the areas of the house in which to store books, DVDs, knick-knacks, vases, plants, small lamps and various types of objects.
The custom-made bookcases transform the living room space, characterize it with their style, their geometry, their arrangement. These are pieces that allow you to free your creativity in the service of your desires.9) Custom furniture in the attic: characteristic furniture for a characteristic environment
The attic is a romantic space, full of atmosphere. In Puccini’s Boheme, Mimi and Rodolfo share an attic, therefore an environment that recalls the characteristics of the attic, with proportions reduced to the bone. Such an evocative environment requires a certain commitment to be adequately equipped.
To make the most of the functional and aesthetic potential of an attic, it is necessary to consider the possibility of contacting expert craftsmen for the design and construction of custom-made furniture .. The attic represents the typical example of an environment that requires custom-made furniture, objects designed specifically to match perfectly with the profiles of the walls below the sloping roof.
Kitchens made to measure for an attic have modules cut to have a trapezoidal face. Thus the configuration of custom-made kitchens allows you to take advantage of every corner of an attic. The particular conformation of its walls becomes an advantage. It allows you to show off custom-made furniture that make the environment of our home inimitable.
If your dreams tell about custom-made furniture for your apartment, your villa, your attic or your small, but comfortable attic, you can turn with confidence and enthusiasm to FMM Interior Design , an artisan company in Capiago Intimiano that realizes bespoke furniture, which fits perfectly on your desires.

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