The long-awaited and feared wedding season begins with the month of June. We therefore turn to all those who have spent a year (here is the TO DO List to follow!) Preparing every detail and dreaming of the big day. But perfection, you know, is a personal concept. Have you ever asked what are the things that ALL the guests complain about during weddings Here are the 7 things that the editorial staff of Zankyou
warns us about : don’t shrug, the risk is around the corner! 1. A ceremony too long
Let’s say, to be honest, that the moment of mass is differently fun. Innovala, in agreement with the officiant, tries to manage that moment as part of the party and not just as the event that precedes it.2. The place of celebration
There are many types of places to celebrate weddings: farms, hotels, salons. Take it, however, as a matter of fact, between decorations, organization, logistics of the location or whatever, you will hear at least one criticism that will make you turn up your nose. Don’t investigate or at least mask your disappointment. 3. The delay
You will make yourself wait like all brides in the world but don’t abuse it. To avoid inconvenience of any kind, as well as being punctual, you could have comfortable corners set up where guests can wait. 4. The waiting time for the photo session
When the ceremony is over, you and your husband will go to do the photo reportage in the place where you agree with your photographer. Taking the time to take the photos you want, although of course a necessary attention given their uniqueness, will be cause for criticism. The advice to avoid delays and make an inspection a few days before, in order to know its light points and all the most delightfully hidden corners.
Foxfoto Photographers by Luca Bottaro 5. Distribution in the room
There will always be a guest who is reluctant to sit next to someone or who prefers to be with other people. Reflecting on likes and dislikes and distributing accordingly will do nothing but good at the party. Here are the other aspects that could change the outcome of your reception, in addition to the burning issue linked to the tables in the room … 6. The guests
Choose the guests carefully. The reason is twofold: the first concerns the possibility of dedicating the right attention to those present; the second is that marriage is, after all, a very private party and the selection at the entrance is natural. As happens in everyday life, after all. 7. Bad catering service
Try to hire professional catering and make the service as excellent as possible. You will devote most of the time of the party to the banquet and make it an important and comfortable and really necessary moment. Also pay attention to the menu, not only to its taste refinement, but also to the quantity, without wasting your wealth. Here’s how to save on the restaurant without penalizing the quality, which people exaggerate at parties, you know.
Now, however, preparing the list of guests will not be child’s play, but you can count on some more ideas!
Photo via Morlotti Studio – Foxfoto Photographers by Luca Bottaro
by Simona Spinola, Communication Manager

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