Some people complain of excess fat just above the forearm. It can happen that the skin is less elastic, and therefore you start to be a little saggy.
The main muscles that we find in the arm are the triceps and the biceps. The biceps group is located in the front of the arm and the triceps in the back. These are muscles that are not used much in everyday chores, and that is why muscle tone suffers.
But this area of ​​the body can be trained by practicing specific exercises, which will make you eliminate excess fat.
Of course, we also recommend eating a balanced diet and drinking a lot to help your muscles and feel better.Arms and Cellulite: Seven Exercise Ideas to Strengthen Biceps and Triceps

  • Arms and Cellulite: Seven Exercise Ideas to Strengthen Biceps and Triceps
    • Preliminary advice
    • Exercise 1: the plank
    • Exercise 2: push-ups
    • Exercise 3: triceps
    • Exercise 4: biceps
    • Exercise 5: Cobra pose
    • Exercise 6: side lifts
    • Exercise 7: alternate lifts
  • Eliminate the orange peel skin on the arms: think of anti-cellulite devices
  • Conclusions

These arm blemishes are more common in older adults and overweight people.
As the body ages, muscle tone decreases, but many exercises allow it to be restored.
The weight is deposited in different areas of the body and this varies from person to person: in some it tends to settle on the hips, in others on the arms, or even in the abdominal area.
Bat wings can form due to excess weight in the upper arms.
But, fortunately, there are targeted exercises that can help reduce weight in this area, although a person is likely to experience more satisfying results by working out the whole body, not just one specific area. Preliminary advice
Remember to warm up for 10-20 minutes before exercising to prevent muscle strain. A simple warm-up could include:

  • March in place;
  • Lift the knees alternately;
  • Stretch your arms above your head;
  • Gently bend over from side to side;
  • Exercise bike;
  • Elliptical;
  • Light running.

Some exercises may require dumbbells. Alternatively, you could use two plastic water bottles and use them as weights.
It is important to choose the weights carefully, and not to overdo it. It is always recommended to start with a weight that becomes challenging only during the last repetitions of an exercise. Generally, in fact, we start with weights of 2 kg each, which would then be the equivalent of bottles of water.
Weight training, or strength training, has broader health benefits. In addition to strengthening muscles, it can improve bone density, which becomes more important with age, and helps burn fat.
We advise you to train at least a couple of times a week, to start, trying to alternate the exercises. This means that if on Tuesday, for example, you focused on the biceps, on Friday you should concentrate on the triceps.
Each exercise must be repeated in sessions of 10 to 15, to start. Exercise 1: the plank
The plank is one of the most effective exercises, because it sets in motion different parts of the body, in particular the arms and the upper body area. It is ideal for strengthening the arms.
Start with your hands and knees. Activate your core by pulling the abdominal part up towards the spine. Incline your toes and lift your knees off the ground. Make a straight line with your body from the shoulders through the hips and up to the heels. Push the back of your shoulder blades up, bending your upper back slightly. Tilt your tailbone slightly towards your chest. Look slightly forward.
Common mistakes include hips that are too high or letting the hip sag downward. Make sure you create a straight line from head to heels instead. Exercise 2: push-ups
Push-ups are considered a staple of training routines due to their effectiveness. It is a simple but effective exercise for gaining muscle mass.
Keeping pushups every day can be a great way to improve your fitness without using any equipment, paying for a gym membership, and using nothing but your body weight to get results.
To get the most out of each bend, it is important to focus on maintaining the correct position. This will help reduce the risk of injury while engaging all of the muscles.
To perform a push-up, get into the plank position. Keep your arms straight, and avoid locking your elbows. Your palms should be flat on the floor and your wrists, elbows and shoulders should be aligned.
Engage your core so that your back does not sag downward. Try to keep a straight spine from the neck to the hips.
Bend your elbows 90 degrees in a slow, controlled motion.
Push back to the plank position. As you get stronger, you may want to work to hold the position down or bring your chin or chest to the floor before pushing up. Exercise 3: triceps
For the uninitiated, the triceps are a muscle group found in the back of the arm. They are used for movements where you are asked to push something using your arms.
For example, when you push something up, or push a heavy table, your triceps come into play.
The simplest exercise to train this muscle group is the French press. To perform this exercise, you need to sit down and form a 90 ° angle behind your neck with your arm.
While seated, holding a dumbbell or a bottle, you have to stretch all the muscle, and then start over. Exercise 4: biceps
There is no hard and fast rule that the back and biceps must be trained together, but scientific anecdotes aside, there is some logic to combining these two muscle groups. This is why you must also alternate other exercises such as pushups, which also allow you to train the back.
The traditional exercise to train the biceps are the so-called curls: with legs apart, at shoulder height, hold the weights or bottles with the palms upwards, then push the weight towards the shoulder, and repeat the exercise . Exercise 5: Cobra pose
The position of the cobra is a very expensive exercise that allows you to train a lot of the muscles of the arms and shoulders. This exercise also helps to get upright and improve breathing.
Get on your knees on a mat and place your hands on the ground, then extend your legs and try to imitate the position of the cobra, precisely by arching your back. Hold this position for a few seconds, and then repeat the exercise. Exercise 6: side lifts
Lateral lifts actually train the deltoid, which is still part of the arm; let’s say it lies between the arm and the shoulder. Grab the dumbbells, and from a standing position, with your legs shoulder-width apart, and your arms along your body, raise your arms to form a right angle. Then, repeat the exercise. Exercise 7: Alternate Raises
This exercise aims at training the biceps directly. If your goal is to gain bulk or to lose weight in that area by toning it up, this exercise is for you.
You can perform this exercise either standing or sitting, although experts recommend standing as it strengthens your core as well.
To perform the exercise, spread your legs slightly apart and grab the dumbbells, and keep your core contracted. The elbows must be fully extended and close to the body.
Now starting with your right hand, slowly pull the dumbbell upwards by squeezing your bicep and hold it for 2-3 seconds at shoulder height.
Now slowly bring the dumbbell down to the starting position. Be sure not to drop your arm quickly, but to bring it down in a controlled motion. Eliminate the orange peel skin on the arms: think of anti-cellulite devices
If a person is overweight, tricep exercises alone may not reduce the appearance of bat wings. In general, losing weight requires a healthy diet and regular sports that increase heart rate.
Losing weight in one area of ​​the body is impossible, because the weight is lost evenly; if anything, it is possible to train specific areas of the body, to tone them up faster.
The most effective way to tone your muscles can be to follow exercises that strain the whole body, such as swimming or jogging. Over time, these activities tone the muscles in every area of ​​the body. Conclusions
If, looking in the mirror, you notice concentrations of fat above the forearm, don’t worry, because it is a problem that can be remedied with a little healthy physical training.
As we have seen, by training the biceps and triceps, it is possible to tone that area of ​​the arm, until that depression disappears.
We recommend that you supplement these exercises with cardio: if you train at home some jumping rope or walking on the spot will be fine, but a light jog around the park or palace may also be for you.
Train at least 2-3 times a week, not just to get back in shape, but to feel better!

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