Zucchini is a widely consumed vegetable in all Mediterranean countries and given its versatility in the kitchen, it is not uncommon to find many recipes in which it is used as an ingredient. With the arrival of autumn and the change of season, courgette is positioned as one of the star products of the season. To take advantage of this ingredientversatile, healthy and full of flavor, we leave you 5 healthy, economical and simple recipes.
Zucchini has numerous properties that translate into positive effects for our body.Common in healthy diets or designed to control weight and cholesterol, with very few calories and high levels of fiber. It also contains high levels of vitamin A and vitamin C. Its positive effects are as appreciated as its taste.


COURGETTE 1.Courgettes stuffed with minced meat

Ingredients of the courgettes stuffed with minced meat for 4 people

4 courgettes
350 g of minced beef
100 g of minced pork
1 medium onion
2 garlic cloves
75 ml of dry white wine
3 tablespoons of homemade fried tomato sauce
50 g of mozzarella cheese
50 g of Parmesan cheese

How to make the courgettes stuffed with meat

-Preheat the oven to 220 ºC. Cut the courgettes in half and make some cuts to facilitate their subsequent emptying. Bake for 30 minutes.
-While the courgettes are baking, prepare the filling. Finely chop the shallots or onion and the garlic. Season and fry in a pan until the onion begins to be cooked. About 3 minutes approximately.
-When the onions and garlic are ready, add the minced meat, previously seasoned, and stir until golden brown.
-Incorporate the homemade fried tomato sauce and stir. Pour in the white wine, turn up the heat to high, and cook for 2-3 minutes until the alcohol has evaporated.
-Empty the courgettes and fill with the minced meat
sauce -Cover with the mozzarella or Parmesan cheese. Any cheese that melts well will be perfect for this recipe. Grill at 250ºC for 5-10 minutes until the cheese is melted.

2. Courgette tart with feta cheese and yogurt

Ingredients for two or four people

4 sheets of filo pastry
6 tablespoons olive oil
2 medium courgettes
125 g Greek yogurt
50 g feta cheese
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon honey, fresh chives, thyme, salt and black pepper.

How to make savory Greek yogurt, zucchini and feta cheese

tart -Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and lightly grease a removable tart pan. Separate four sheets of filo pastry and brush them with two tablespoons of olive oil, mounting them on the base of the mould.
-Put the rest of the oil in a pan to heat and cut the clean and unpeeled courgettes into thin slices of the same thickness. We saute them for four minutes in the pan until they are lightly golden.
-Spread the yoghurt on the base of the dough, season with salt and pepper, place the zucchini slices on top of each other, and return to season the vegetable with salt and pepper, as well as sprinkle the chopped fresh thyme.
-Undo the feta cheese into pieces on top and bake for 25 minutes, or until the pastry is golden and crispy. Meanwhile, in a saucepan, heat the balsamic vinegar and honey until it acquires a syrupy texture.
-Once the cake comes out of the oven, sprinkle the chopped chives and add the balsamic and honey glaze.

3. Zucchini and almond carpaccio for 2 people


1 Zucchini
100 gr Parmesan cheese
50 gr Sliced ​​almonds
Lemon juice
Extra virgin olive oil
Ground black
pepper Cayenne pepper

How to make zucchini and almond carpaccio

-Wash and slice the zucchini
-Cut the Parmesan cheese into slices.
-Place the zucchini on a tray and spread the cheese on it.
-In a separate bowl, beat the lemon juice, oil, salt and pepper, add the almonds and spread the dressing over the cheese.

4.Cream of zucchini and sour apple, 4 people

2 Onions
1 Apple
2 Potatoes
Sesame seeds to decorate
Fresh coriander a few leaves
750 gr Zucchini

How to make zucchini cream with caramelized onion and sour apple
-Chop the onion into brunoise and let it poach over a very low heat until it caramelizes.

-While the onion caramelizes, peel the courgettes and chop them, doing the same operation later with the potato and the apple, to prevent them from oxidizing.
-When the onion is starting to brown, we first add the courgettes, letting them cook for about 2 or three minutes before continuing with the potato.
-After about five minutes, add enough water to cover (about 400 ml) and the chopped potato, putting everything to cook for about 15 minutes, until the potato is almost cooked.
-Incorporate the apple and cook for another five minutes , proceeding to grind until you get a cream with an intense flavor. if you haveThermomix , you can do the whole process in the machine.

5. Zucchini

spaghetti Ingredients for zucchini spaghetti for 2 people

2 medium zucchini
6 cherry tomatoes
30 g grated Parmesan cheese
A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
A few fresh basil leaves
A pinch of salt
A pinch of black pepper

How to make courgette spaghetti

-Wash the courgettes well and cut off one of the ends.
-Spiralize the zucchini following the instructions of the spiralizer, in this case it works as if it were a pencil sharpener so we will put the zucchini vertically on the blade and turn it until we form spaghetti.
-As it is a raw elaboration, we proceed to plating. We put the zucchini spaghetti as a base and decorate with the other ingredients
-Put the cherry tomatoes cut in halves, add the Parmesan cheese all over the surface, add some fresh basil leaves, season with salt and pepper and add a trickle of extra virgin olive oil .
-For the cooked version, add a dash of extra virgin olive oil to a pan and when hot, add the zucchini spaghetti, the halved cherry tomatoes and the Parmesan cheese.
-Saute about 3 or 4 minutes and remove.

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