MILAN – First children and then parents. “Females one day and then mothers forever”, as De Andre sang. The lapse of time between the shrill and deaf cry of when we come into the world, until the moment we are able to generate a new life, will be able to decree the joys and sorrows of the two different roles of being a woman. No one in the world will ever be able to establish universal rules to follow in these two different stages of life, just as we must be convinced that there are no perfect mothers and children. If you want to come across stories that tell of this delicate relationship, albeit in different ways, here is a series of films based on books that we want to recommend. Born into the world
How far can the good of a mother go and what the strong desire for motherhood can lead to do
The writer Margaret Mazzantini tells us about it in her “ Venuto al mondo ” and in the homonymous film adaptation. A motherhood sought and strongly desired in the difficult climate of Bosnia-Herzegovina in the early nineties. A story that she brings to mind to the verses of the song “Futura” by Lucio Dalla, but here whoever manages to come into the world, bears the name of Pietro. A truth kept in the folds of the war, the one in which Pietro encounters, redesigning the relationship with his adoptive mother and building one with the biological one that he will meet on the threshold of twenty years in Sarajevo and of which she ignores the identity. A story of love and courage, of obscure conception in which the real story emerges only in the eyes of the reader and not in those of Peter. Wonder by RJ Palacio
In view of its imminent release on the big screen, the shelves of many bookstores invite you to read “Wonder” by RJ Placido. A clear example of how a mother’s heart is able to bear the pain of her child and take courage for two in the face of life’s adversities. Isabel, the mother of a ten-year-old child afflicted with Treacher Collins Syndrome, knows it well. Soft-hearted and hard-shelled women, mothers of children who, despite needing constant attention, have nothing to envy to their peers. A clear example and an invitation to mothers to never give up and to find strength by supporting what the most beautiful life has given them. Friend or foe of Larry McMurtry
Friend or foe. Sometimes the relationship between mothers and daughters has no half measures and rhythmically swings in that pendulum of odi et amo. “Desire for tenderness” she tells it first in a book and then in a film, but the story is not so far from the events of real life. Often the relationship that underlies these two figures inevitably becomes conflictual, thanks to the different opinions and the influence that a mother, albeit for the good, tries to have towards her daughter. But what happens when a serious illness insinuates itself into a relationship that is already so difficult
McCurty tells us in this book, inviting us to smooth out the hardest sides of our character and to tear down the walls built to let ourselves go to that good that we so much need .Jeffrey Eugenides’ Garden of the Virgin Suicides
It would seem too extreme a story were it not for the fact that both the book and the film were based on a true story. Sofia Coppola was able to recreate a story in which love and death confront each other, trying to strongly prevail over each other. What prompts a mother to impose strict rules on her daughters, not worrying about what would be right for their happiness
It makes sense to try to survive in an unlived life
The answer was found by these five sisters, who, although still too young, are he surrendered to the strict rules imposed on them, preferring to end their lives so as to find peace in a non-earthly life.We are everything by Nicola Yoon
When a daughter and all this remains to a mother, one of the most natural relationships in the world ends up being put at risk. Those who this year came across the vision of “We are everything”, taken from the book by Nicola Yoon, will certainly have been surprised by the lies that the mother of the protagonist Maddy told for the sake of her daughter. A story, thanks to a very rare disease, certainly out of the ordinary. But here a question arises: how would each of us react when we discover that the person who brought us into the world is responsible for our unhappiness?
A story capable of exposing the weaknesses and exasperations of the mothers on the one hand and the incredible courage of the daughters, even if this leads us to no longer trust the people we love.

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