As is tradition, we need the best gifts for these Christmas parties. For this reason, it is essential to have Christmas baskets that the company or family can give to workers or relatives.
For this we bring you these five Christmas baskets from El Corte Ingles that are very complete, with the best products, always of quality, to be able to share with your loved ones the presents of each year and that will be on the tables during the holidays. Choose the one you like the most and order it so that it can be brought directly to your home thanks to the magic of Christmas and the Internet.

Basket with ham, wine and sausages
Ham is the star food this Christmas, so when they give it to us it is always a pleasant surprise that everyone loves. In this basket it is the central piece, but there are many more products, such as bottles of wine, champagne, cheeses, various sausages , nougats that will be desserts for Christmas, chocolates, shortbread and much more.
In addition, it includes the knives so you can cut the Serrano ham without wasting any cut.
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Wicker basket

Give your workers the best products that will be present on the Christmas tables. You can give them away, share and taste them with your loved ones. In this case, we highlight the wicker basket that contains a total of 26 products.
AreChristmas products, with sweets, preserves, Iberian ham, wines, cavas and liqueurs, presented on a wicker tray lined with handles.
So you can enjoy the best charcuterie, with slices of Iberian bait ham, chorizo, sausage, pate, and drinks such as cava, wine, gin, combined with Christmas desserts: hard nougat cake, soft nougat, chocolates, cookies, etc. .
You can also enjoy preserves, such as olive oil, yellowfin tuna, sardines in oil, asparagus, piquillo peppers, and even peaches in syrup. It comes with more products that you can’t miss.
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The Christmas baskets of El Corte InglesThey provide tradition, history and quality. Because they have the most outstanding products of these parties.
It is a chest that includes gourmet and delicatessen products, such as traditional sweets, Iberian sausages, Marques de Grinon wine and Juve&Camps cava, and all of them presented in an original puff chest.
The charcuterie stands out with the bait ham as a standard, in addition to the tasty duck confit . Among the drinks, this Christmas you will surely enjoy the bottles of cava, the red wine that is included in the Christmas basket, in addition to the usual sweets: nougat from Alicante, nougat from Jijona, assorted Lindt Cornet chocolates, Shortbread Rounds Walkers biscuits.
In addition, we highlight the preserves, the Suprema Segafredo coffee and even Dabiz Munoz XO alioli sauce. In total there are fifteen products, all from the best brands and the products that you will see in the market.
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Ecological basket

For this Christmas, ecological and even local products stand out. There are a total of 16 and they come in a metal box that you can reuse several times.
Among the baskets of El Corte Ingles , this one stands out for its best organic products. There is Brut Nature Ecological Codorniu reserve cava, Beronia organic red wine, as well as sweets with nougat from Alicante supreme bio crafts, nougat from jijona supreme bio crafts, 70% dark chocolate nougat with orange bio Intermon Oxfam, organic gourmet salted almonds and even preserves.
There is also Intermon Oxfam organic ground coffee, green tea, bonito from the north, organic roasted pepper and much more. A complete basket with the best products.
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Christmas Box from El Corte Ingles

Enjoy this Christmas basket from El Corte Ingles that contains a wide selection of delicatessen, nougat, Iberian sausages and Rioja Baron de Ley wine. They are presented in an elegant box with a handle , for this it is a great gift for you or for the loved ones.
Currently and with the Internet, giving away these baskets is much easier because they are sent directly to your home without friends or workers having to carry them and carry them with you. A pleasant surprise for all those who do not expect it and who comes home for Christmas .
In this chest there is from charcuteria: with 50% Iberico Julian Martin Acorn-fed ham, Julian Martin Iberico chorizo, Julian Martin Iberico sausage, and even Jean Brunet Armagnac duck pate to share with everyone.
If you are going to see the drinks, then the bottles of red wine must be highlighted. While for desserts there are the usual sweets of the highest quality, such as hard nougat, soft nougat, a case of 1880 Polvorones, Lindt milk chocolate bonbons, Delaviuda cocoa truffles, St. Michel, and even a cocktail of selected Itac nuts. All this comes in a really original red chest that everyone likes.
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