87,268 square kilometers. eight provinces. Almost eight and a half million inhabitants. Two national parks —Sierra Nevada and Donana— and twenty-two natural parks. About 900 kilometers of fine sand beaches with crystal clear waters and hidden coves that preserve their wild beauty, lapped by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. All this and much more is Andalusia, the southernmost territory of mainland Spain. Andalusia is huge. A place you can visit in complete safety.
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Walk among the best vegetables in Europe while learning (and testing!) in situ about the agricultural production model that places El Ejido on the world map; observe flamingos and dozens of other species of birds that nest and live for months in the natural paradise of Punta Entinas-Sabinar; horseback riding through this virgin beach and wetland area; or try some of the water sports activities (zip line over water included) offered by Lake Victoria in Almerimar.
The Malaga town of Archidona, located in the northwest of the province, and a link between upper and lower Andalucia, stands as a fundamental enclave to glimpse the depth of a landscape between green olive trees, which contrast with the white of its houses scattered on the slopes of the Sierra de Gracia, in addition to a rich Historic-Artistic and Gastronomic Heritage, marked by its medieval, Muslim and Christian heritage. Gathering a series of testimonies, where the passing of time has left its identity in the Monumental wealth and in the deep roots of its traditions.
Puerto Deportivo de Benalmadena (Malaga)
The Puerto Deportivo de BenalmadenaIt is not only the largest sports marina in Andalusia and one of the most attractive from an aesthetic and architectural point of view, but it also has a commercial dock capable of satisfying the expectations of the most demanding with exclusive fashion brands, shoe stores, leather goods , themed restaurants of all kinds, cosmopolitan terraces, bars, specialized nautical shops and leisure proposals for all ages and within reach of all budgets.

almeriaIt is a city that has everything to start being happy. It has art, architecture, sunrises, a very special blue of the sea, it has agriculture and inexhaustible sandbanks. It has places where you breathe harmony and feel love in every detail. It is open and welcoming for those who visit it. The best Spanish Capital of Gastronomy in 2019 already has the Safe Tourism seal that makes the destination an ideal place to visit this summer.
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In the Almanzora Valley of Almeria, in the area known as Comarca del Marmol, is Cantoria, a municipality in which the traveler can find the long-awaited tranquility strolling along its rectilinear layout of streets with small houses, among which the Church of Our Lady stands out. Senora de los Dolores, a 19th century temple that could well look like a cathedral.
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Roquetas de Mar (Almeria)
The salt on the skin, the simple plans, the sand underfoot. Roquetas de Mar is the place to feel summer again, to return to the sun and return to the sea. A city that combines large extensions of natural landscapes on the beach, and even by the sea, with all kinds of services and leisure possibilities. Its beaches are its business card. Large stretches of sand in 16 kms. of coastline where it is possible to enjoy the comfort of the infrastructures that make the municipality annually renew its distinctive Q for Tourist Quality, Blue Flags, Ecobeach Flags and ISO 9001 certificates.
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Lucainena de las Torres (Almeria)
In a strategic location, between the Tabernas Desert and the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park, Lucainena de las Torres, considered one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, breathes beauty through each of its corners and nature over what used to be a mining line that connected the municipality with Agua Amarga, on the coast.
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Playa de Camposoto, San Fernando (Cadiz)
And you ask yourself, can beaches be felt, explored, enjoyed and tasted
Well, definitely yes. The answer is not far from you. You just need to set your sights on the heart of the Bahia de Cadiz Natural Park, on those waters and lands that a thousand and one civilizations have conquered and navigated over the centuries, to arrive at a bathing area and a five-star natural environment, Camposoto (in San Fernando).
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Palos de la Frontera (Huelva)
Palos de la Frontera, traditionally seafaring and peasant, is a memorable setting in modern history. Overlooking the estuary and located on the left bank on the banks of the Tinto River, between a labyrinthine network of marshes, this municipality in Huelva keeps the memory of its leading role in the great feat that the Discovery of the New World entailed. It is, therefore, known worldwide as the “Cradle of the Discovery of America”, as stated on its coat of arms, and considered one of the quintessential Columbian towns.
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Vera, a Child Friendly City since 2010, has a wide range of tourist attractions and brings together everything that families seek on their vacations: culture, leisure, sports, a rich and varied cuisine, extensive beaches renowned for their quality and services, as well as of an excellent and wide range of hotels and restaurants.
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It will be six years since the province of Almeria gave birth to what is its 103rd municipality, and since then Balanegra has been renewing the Blue Flag of its urban beach year after year. It can be said that it is the only municipality in the world that has achieved such a distinction for its main tourist infrastructure in each year of its history. This charming corner of Poniente Almeriense, located next to the triangle formed by Berja (the municipality to which it belonged) to the north, Adra to the west and El Ejido to the east, is configured as an ideal destination to enjoy a good beach, the exquisite Almerian gastronomy that mixes like no other the fresh products of the sea and the land and an eminently familiar and welcoming atmosphere.
Located in the Poniente Almeriense region, the history of Vicar immerses us in the Argaric, Arab and Roman settlements. They can be found from vestiges of what was the prehistoric culture of El Argar, Roman aqueducts on the Rambla Carcauz or unique natural areas such as El Penon de Bernal, declared in 2019 as a Natural Monument of Andalusia.
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Cordoba, the only city in Spain with four World Heritage Sites: the Mosque-Cathedral, the historic center, Medina Azahara and the Patios. But the city also offers other visits and other attractions that are a good example of the rich heritage, monumentality and history that surround this land. No one will leave indifferent.
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Nobody doubts the numerous tourist attractions that make Algeciras a unique and differentiated holiday destination. Its mild climate, between the Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz, allows you to enjoy the beaches practically all year round. But that is not all. The Algeciras coastline is considered one of the best in the world for migratory bird watching, an activity that brings a large number of birdwatchers to the city every year.
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Victoria Fountain (Almeria)
Heritage, tradition, history, nature… Alpujarra. Fuente Victoria looks out over the world from the magical region of the Alpujarra, emerged on the imposing slopes of Sierra Nevada and with an offer to attract visitors around five types of tourism: gastronomic, sustainable, natural, cultural and sports.
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The opening of the first 4-star hotel in the Novo Sancti Petri urbanization, the Royal Andalus Golf, on May 1, 1991 marked a before and after for Chiclana. That day a new tourist model became a reality in the province of Cadiz, which 30 years later has established itself as the best resort in Spain, with more than 12,000 beds in 4 and 5 star hotels, 5 golf courses along with one of the best beaches in our country, La Barrosa, and with endless possibilities for the enjoyment and relaxation of thousands of visitors throughout the year.
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Nijar is a privileged place. It has a wealth of both material and immaterial heritage, being the heart of the Natural Park such as Cabo de Gata-Nijar, unique in Europe, or its Villa, which is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. It has dream beaches and coves, monuments that history has left its mark on the landscape, a cultural and gastronomic richness that have made it be chosen on innumerable occasions as a movie location in which large film productions, video clips or advertising spots They have shown the world their excellence.
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When the month of February arrives, Gador becomes the capital of the Bajo Andarax region of Almeria and oranges take center stage. It is then when the municipality celebrates one of its great days of the year, the Orange Day, gastronomic, ethnographic and industrial heritage, all at the same time, of the town of Gadorense.
Nestled in the historic Almeria region of Los Velez, with its urban center cut out on the impressive Maimon mountain, is the town of Velez-Rubio. From afar, the imposing towers of the Church of the Incarnation stand out, a temple of monumental size and singular beauty. And it is that Velez-Rubio is one of the municipalities with the greatest historical and cultural heritage in the province of Almeria. Its entire historic center has been declared a Site of Cultural Interest, since strolling through its streets is a journey through time of several centuries.
Adra is a paradise to discover. A city with its own identity that has attractions that fall in love with all those travelers who are not satisfied with just sightseeing. Adra is a city to live moments and enjoy experiences. Located in the westernmost area of ​​the province of Almeria, nestled in the foothills of the southeast of Sierra Nevada. With more than 3,000 years of history, it is the oldest municipality in the province.
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This municipality in Levante Almeria has obtained the seal granted by the Spanish Federation of Large Families in those municipalities that are classified as suitable destinations for family leisure and tourism. The architectural configuration of this town stands out, its history, the careful care of the environment or its gastronomic offer, which has become not only the axis of the local economy but also one of the most successful guided tours in the region.
Almeria is the most complete and diverse province. It has kilometers and kilometers of virgin beaches and unique coves in which to dive or sunbathe, to the near west of Tabernas, a snowy Calar Alto Observatory, the Velez Blanco Castle, Poniente and its golf courses or the Canteras de Macael, among others.
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To the south of the south is the oldest city in the West, where history and different civilizations breathe in each of its streets. A city that has matured over the centuries to become a benchmark for knowing how to live. Behind the monuments, its beaches and its streets, you can feel a unique way of feeling life in the whole world. A culture that is transmitted through its two main languages: flamenco and carnival. And a color, impossible to capture, that fills the entire city with a special light.
Almonte-Donana (Huelva)
Almonte has a great diversity of ecosystems, traditions and customs. Almonte, El Rocio and Matalascanas offer spaciousness, nature, artistic historical heritage, sports, peace and relaxation throughout the year. The jewel that marks its idiosyncrasy is the Donana National Park.
A taste of the sea, of sand on the skin, of afternoon talks in the port, of walks on the shore, of quiet after-meal conversations and summer enjoyment. Carboneras knows all that and more, because here the sea permeates everything. Its incredible gastronomy linked to the fishing heritage of the area, the historical heritage with the Torre de Mesa Roldan, the active tourism of the area with innumerable adventures under a seabed protected by its great natural wealth (such as the Playa de los Muertos) or the charm of its interior corners.
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Surrounded by peaks, in the foothills of the Serrania de Ronda and a few kilometers from Marbella and Estepona, is Benahavis, an authentic artistic and tourist treasure in the province of Malaga. It is difficult to find a place in Andalusia that combines inland and coastal destination character in such a way as Benahavis does. Its municipal term, dotted with natural spaces of incomparable beauty, has luxurious urbanizations and up to 12 golf courses, offering endless options for leisure and active tourism.
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Olula del Rio (Almeria)
Andres Garcia Ibanez was branded not a few as crazy when in 1996, at just 25 years of age, he set out to transform a dry land in his town into the most important artistic pole in the southeast of the peninsula. A quarter of a century later, that youthful dream is about to materialize with the imminent inauguration of the expansion of the Perez Siquier Center, the last building in the museum ring known as the City of Culture. Olula del Rio is thus positioned as an indisputable reference that attracts thousands of visitors every year, eager to contemplate art.
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Mojacar is one of the best known towns in the province of Almeria. In its old town, the timeless essence of history is collected, of all the stories and cultures that have passed through such a peculiar enclave. A town that falls in love and dazzles at any time of the year. It creates unforgettable memories and an unstoppable desire to continue enjoying it again, to continue discovering it over and over again.
Huelva, the capital, is a coastal and seafaring city that overlooks the ocean, nestled between the Tinto and Odiel rivers. The places of interest to discover in this city are the churches of La Concepcion, San Pedro, the Cathedral of Nuestra Senora de la Merced and those related to Columbus and the Discovery: the House and the Monument to Columbus.
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An avant-garde country club with views of the Mediterranean and surrounded by an impressive Andalusian landscape. La Reserva Club is an elegant and sophisticated country club in the heart of the famous Sotogrande. Created to offer the best family lifestyle, the club offers its members and residents access to a selection of leisure activities and services. It combines a magnificent golf course, with sublime gastronomy, a wide variety of sports facilities and the first and only inland oasis in southern Spain.
La Axarquia has countless unique and charming corners both in its inland towns and on the coast. A very rich monumental heritage, especially in Mudejar art. Many of its towns preserve that Andalusian Arab framework. It has two Natural Parks, the Natural Park of the Cliffs of Maro Cerro Gordo, the Cave of the Treasure of Rincon de la Victoria and that of Nerja, places that attract many visitors every year.
The province of Huelva is a destination with a soul, attractive by nature and one hundred percent recommendable for the spirit. Finding peace, so difficult to find in these convulsive times, is within the reach of anyone who decides to enter one of the 600 kilometers of trails that exist in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche or wake up next to the Donana marsh, listening the song of the birds between dunes, pine forests and reeds.
Tarifa, a city destined to be a tourist destination, has managed to overcome the challenges that demand has been posing over the last decades. Its evolution can be taken as an example, having been an almost unexplored natural paradise that has become the most desired destination with active and changing alternatives for the last generations.
3. 4.
Sanlucar de Barrameda (Cadiz)
Sanlucar de Barrameda, the city of Manzanilla, is a benchmark town for its raw materials and for the passion and originality with which its hoteliers prepare them to turn them into a union of flavors and sensations that offer an experience unique for those who have the opportunity to taste them. Its original seafood stews stand out, its potatoes from the Arenas Finas, its fresh seafood fresh from the sea such as Sanlucar prawns, shrimp omelettes, orange stingrays, monkfish with fried bread or galley soup, among others. .
The Port of Huelva, on the Costa de la Luz, is one of the main tourist destinations in Andalusia. In the inner port is the Muelle de Levante, a dock very close to the city center, which is undergoing a major remodeling as part of the Port-City integration to become a powerful shopping and leisure area of ​​80,000m2 with large green spaces, diaphanous and modern ones facing the sea, which will host, among others, first class nautical-sports, cultural and restaurant activities.
Villanueva de Cordoba (Cordoba)
Villanueva de Cordoba stands out for being a town nestled in the middle of a sea of ​​oaks that make up the largest continuous pasture forest in all of Europe, in the heart of Los Pedroches. A privileged environment, dotted with ancient oaks, drawn by endless stone walls, paths with centuries of history and one of the clearest skies on the planet.
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The history of tourism on the Costa del Sol has Torremolinos as its epicenter, a destination that knew how to combine the enjoyment of simple things with the design of a leisure and entertainment offer that was not in keeping with the times and that made it a oases of freedom A city with its own entity that transformed itself.
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Cordoba has a lot to offer. From its thousand-year-old capital to any of its regions, Cordoba surprises the traveler. It offers countless options for cultural, active, nature tourism, and many more.
Malaga is a varied province, which ranges from the Costa del Sol, one of the most complete and important destinations in the world, its inland municipalities such as Ronda or Antequera, and its wide range of nature such as the Sierra de las Nieves or the famous Caminito King.
Field of Gibraltar (Cadiz)
The Campo de Gibraltar is an ideal place to practice nature sports. The two natural parks in the region, El Estrecho and Los Alcornocales, make up a perfect combination for lovers of outdoor activities, offering a variety of alternatives for all tastes and pockets.

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