Netflix, one of the content platforms with the most users and the most success in Spain, does not cease with its new additions. Recently, an Italian romantic comedy that deals with the cliche of soul mates has joined its list of most viewed films .

4 halves has become, thanks to public acceptance, the third most watched movie on the platform, a very revealing fact if we take into account that Netflix has literally thousands of movies.
But, what has 4 halves that has driven the public crazy
As we anticipated, this Italian production revolves around the myth of the better half, that is, thepopular belief that there is only one person suitable for each .

Synopsis of ‘4 halves’

The premise from which this film starts is a lunch organized by a married couple with another couple. In this first scene, one of the men asks the other if he considers his wife to be his soulmate, to which he answers with a resounding “no” . He tells her that, if life had taken him another way, he would have met someone with whom he would also have fallen in love and with whom he could also lead a happy life.
This same married couple, to corroborate their theory, begin to tell a story that happened a few years ago in which she invited her best friends and he invited two of his best friends to pair them up. The point is that, as it develops throughout the film, it is not known exactly who hits more with whom .
The protagonists are Chiara , the anesthesiologist; Matteo , the publisher; Giulia , the economist; and Darius, lawyer. During the extensive development of the production, scenes of lives that these couples would have led are interspersed if Chiara had ended up with Matteo, but also if this anesthesiologist had become engaged to Dario, and vice versa with Giulia and Matteo or Giulia and Dario.
The reality that they show is that these four combinations are perfectly compatible , with their pluses and minuses, to maintain a relationship. And, although the viewer has their preferences, the truth is that at no time is a relationship shown to be worse or better than others, but rather that they all develop according to the context in which they have lived .
After seeing this movie it is very possible that many will question if, indeed, the theme of the soulmate issimply a myth formed to feed the cliches derived from the idea of ​​”romantic love”.

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