Do you think your bedroom is missing a headboard/backrest on your double bed? Do you think your room lacks style for this reason?

If you do not have a headboard with a lot of wave and original design, you should probably continue reading this. Here you will find ideas for original headboards for a double bed. Do not miss it!

First of all, I will start by saying that a “headboard” is the element that joins the bed in the part of the head (hence its name) at first, it was designed as a way of protecting people from cold or heat while they rested . They were generally made of wood, since this material does not transmit temperatures as easily as stone or brick. They are also called “backups”.

Nowadays the headboard is an element for decorative use and not for protection as such, this is because the houses and flats are independent of the outside temperature. Our homes have heating and air conditioning, which allows us to be at a comfortable temperature inside our homes and we do not need furniture to protect us from the adversity of the weather.

The headboard then is mostly a decorative element that allows us to complement our interior design, so when choosing it we must look for a design that fits our personal style and not look for a specific utility. This allows us to have a number of ideas with which we can decorate our bedroom without the need for a “classic” backrest.

You should also know that there are beds that come with a built-in headboard, and in other cases, you should find the headboard that you like the most.

You must be clear that the size of the backrest or headboard depends entirely on the bed you have, so you should always measure your bed before going to the store. Do not forget that double beds have different measurements, which can be confusing and if you are not clear about the measurements, shopping will end up being a waste of time.

Once you have the measurements already defined, you must know what material and what type of decoration you intend to have in your room, we can always find innovative headboards that fit our style and complement our bedroom.

I have made a selection of headboards that I would like to share with you so you can get ideas and replicate them in your home. I subdivided the headboards into “classic” and “innovative”. Let’s check them out!

Classic, but good ideas

If yours is the classic or you simply want to buy something that comes already ready and designed, I recommend you look at the following photographs of these beautiful rooms decorated with the most charming headboards:

dark headboard

You can see that there are various forms of headboards, material textures, shapes and designs. There are many original headboards for a double bed! What is your favorite?

Wood Type Headboard

Innovative Headboards

Doesn’t classic suit you very much? Well, here we go with really innovative and super creative ideas for original and cheap headboards, you will surely find your ideal.To get you started, I’ll show you the cheapest and easiest headboard I’ve seen on the planet. It is also very cool, cool, cheap and best of all, you can make it yourself in the color you want. The result will depend on your painting skills.Personally, I think it’s an incredibly entertaining idea that fills your bedroom with avant-garde.

Without a doubt, there are designs that are easier than others, but if you put effort into it and with a good mold, you can paint a headboard like this:

Here I show you another idea that reflects how simple it can be to decorate a space:It is clearly not a conventional headboard, but it will certainly add charm to your room. Note how the photo frames are interspersed with each other giving relief to this entertaining decoration. Also notice the necklaces that subtly drop off the edges. Creative, right? Dare to make your own innovation similar to this.

Now look at the next “header-frame”. Note that it is simply a wood framed tapestry. Very easy to devise and make, you can even do it yourself if you have the skills and time.

Header Box

Continuing with the innovative ideas of original and cheap headboards, we have this cushion hanging from a beautiful wooden shelf. It certainly gives a special touch to this bed, don’t you think?

In the following photograph we see a handkerchief-type rug descending from approximately 20 cm from the wall to the bed. If your favorite decoration style is bohemian, this may be the best (and cheapest) idea you can see.

headboard rug

You can replicate this idea in your bedroom without a lot of expensive items and without the need for an installer. You need a rail-like support, an eye-catching scarf or rug and you’re ready to have the bohemian headboard of your dreams!

In the next two bedrooms we will see that a fun headboard can be made from doors or windows. They will certainly give a vintage touch to your room.

doors headboard

Does the following headboard material seem familiar to you?

Yes it is! It is a headboard made of pallets. If you don’t get it, I recommend you read my article Furniture made with Pallets, you will surely get a couple of ideas for the bedroom or the rest of your house.

In the next bedroom we will see a warm headboard made of wood. The unique and special detail is the photo attached to it. Perhaps you could innovate and put an entertaining photo of a trip, or if your thing is to be romantic, a photo of the unforgettable honeymoon.

wood with photo

No budget?

Remember that if you have an old headboard, but you don’t have the budget to do your home renovations, you can always use what you already have, we have two ways to do this:

1. Take the old headboard and reupholster it. If you are an expert when it comes to upholstery, surely this idea is no longer new to you. I advise you colors and entertaining shapes, because if you can change it yourself, it will be easy for you to redecorate frequently.

For those who find the idea of ​​reupholstering complex, or those who believe that it will not be possible for them to change the design so frequently, I recommend more classic colors and designs that do not “tire” the eyes and that can be useful for a long time. weather.

2. Paint the old headboard. It is a very easy and simple way to redecorate in a very economical way. You can use various furniture painting techniques (stripping, rustic, aged for example). There are many tutorials that teach how to do this on youtube.

In any case, I am sure that even if you paint your backrest/headboard in a plain color, you will still have a wonderful result.

painted headboard

I think most of us can paint a piece like this without needing professional help, right?

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