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If you think of Michael Jordan , instinctively, below, you will think of the Chicago Bulls logo , the NBA show , the six rings won with two Three-peats (91-92 -93 and 96-97-98), the film Space Jam with Looney Tunes and number 23 . So tailored that it has become an icon to be venerated and respected over the years by fans and athletes. Massimo Ambrosini , former AC Milan midfielder, for example, chose 23 as his jersey number in honor of MJ. The Miami Heat , a team Jordan never plays for, withdrew it in 2003.
The story of the prestigious number, made up of farewells, withdrawals and returns binds his majesty Jordan in a symbiotic and eternal relationship, but in reality, the “meeting” was quite fortuitous and forced .
While at high school, Jordan had to decide on the number to wear: he wanted 45 , but at the time it was the same number that his brother Larry wore . Air Jordan therefore decided to halve the number 45 by rounding it up: this is how the 23 is born .
In reality the relationship with the 45 will have more than one sequel: it is with this number that, in 1994, after the temporary retirement from basketball, I face his modest adventure in baseball, in the Minor League, with the Birmingham Barons ; and with the same 45 who, in 1995, announced his return to the NBA.
And on March 18, 1995, when, at 11:40 am, a short statement was issued: «Michael Jordan informed the Bulls that he had interrupted his voluntary withdrawal of 17 months. He will make his debut on Sunday in Indianapolis against the Indiana Pacers ».
The next day, during a press conference, Michael Jordan said a simple phrase destined to go down in history: “I’m back” .
However, being the legendary 23 now withdrawn and hung from the ceiling of the new United Center as a sign of devotion and respect, Michael chose to use the 45. [/ Vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

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He was welcomed by everyone as a hero, but something didn’t work in him: I play 17 games, the worst in regular , for average points and shooting from the field, from 1986 to 1998.

Key episode on May 7, 1995 , Eastern Conference semifinal game-1 between Orlando and Chicago, 17th match for Jordan. The Magic won with a basket, six seconds from the end, signed Horace Grant on a resounding recovery on Michael Jordan.
MJ I don’t think twice about it: nothing to do, change the number. Three days later, in game-2, the Chicago star returns to the field with 23, unbeknownst to everyone, including his teammates. The NBA did not rank and I fined the Bulls 25 thousand dollars for not communicating the change of numbers. But in Chicago that didn’t matter: Jordan was Jordan again, with a 38-point show gifting the Bulls 1-1 in the series.
A few days later, Jordan said:
I think it was a trust issue. 23 is what I am and I’ll keep it until they stop playing basketball. So why try to be someone else
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